Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The convocation day

3 weeks passed and I don't have the kick to write about my graduation anymore, to be honest. In addition, the girl of the OMG scandalous photography issue is also a graduate from the same university as me. So I thought maybe it's not the correct timing or inappropriate to blog about it. (But why lah?!!! My personal view)

However, I have decided not to let the students' hard work for the convocation goes to waste (I wanna let more people watch it) therefore this post exists. 

FYI, Ebee is the mascot of the university which we are kind of familiar with it. haha 

Gangnam style fever gone viral worldwide. It's something hot now (maybe not so hot) so we must get on the train and associate with it in whatever events be it wedding or even graduation ceremony. My graduation was the third day of the convocation for class 2012 therefore I already had a quick peek of it on Facebook. 

That's the ending video for the ceremony. Everyone got excited when this video was playing on the screen. I even heard somebody howling or something. Yeah, we got our scrolls and don't even care if it's a official ceremony or not. haha Nah, just kidding. All attendee enjoyed the video. Hope you enjoy it too!! 

Now let me show you the video of the school anthem which we are kind of proud of it too.
It's written and sung by one of the lecturers. This is the nicest school anthem I ever heard in my life, I swear. 

This song will only be played during some really big events so we don't get to sing in the public that often. Few days before my graduation, I tweeted that I scared I might cry while singing this song. When we were required to stand up to sing the song, my friend said hey it's time to cry. Indeed, I almost cry but luckily I hold back my tears from rolling down on my face. Booo~ haha 

Most of us will only sing this song on an orientation day where you know nothing about the university then sing it emotionless-ly and on a convocation where you know too much about the university which gives you so much memories but sadly you gotta leave. haha 

I get to sing it with my classmates on a special dinner gathering, quite meaningful. Click the post here

Thanks to my family. They are the real heroes behind me :) You have no idea how much I love to call my mum to tell her I can't answer the exams, when I am stress out during study and exam week, when I am free or just to call her to kacau her to have a talk. I really have to thank the one who invented the phone. Of course not forgetting papa, thanks for supports. 

Papa looked very happy on that day even though I am not the first graduate in the family. He was happily taking photos of me in the hall or outside the hall. Before the ceremony started, he spotted me on the screen and purposely made his way to where I sat to take a photo of me but the photo turned out to be so blur. haha He is forever our superman!! 

How to find a guy who can treat me as dearly as how papa treats me? BIG CHALLENGE!!

Thanks to my auntie, cousin who purposely took leave and little cute niece for coming to my convocation. Your attendance made my day, seriously! Thanks for being the special guests besides immediate family. 

Speaking of guest for convocation, my friend called me after I stepped out from the hall. She asked whether my convocation starts at 2pm? It was 11am when she called me and I answered I am already outside the hall and the ceremony is over.

She shouted, what?!!! omg She had took half day leave and wanted to come over to my convocation already. She did ask me to remind her again before the day but I thought she would be busy so I did not. In the end, she scolded me why didn't remind, wasted liao lor, working can take leave de mah. Never mind, I am still touched that you made the effort to come even though you remember the time wrongly and didn't make it in the end. 

Another friend also blamed me for not reminding her about my convocation after I posted a picture of me on my Facebook. Haiyo not that I don't want to remind, it's all because it's a Monday so I don't really expect people could come. That's why I don't want to go remind people and get rejected right on the face, very malu leh. People who don't wish to come still have to find all sort of reasons to excuse themselves from my invitation.

Also thanks to a friend who told me, I wanna appear in your graduation photos and see you all graduate. I understand his difficulties for transportation and couldn't attend too. But, he did call to congratulate me personally the night before. Thanks lah!! 

Thanks to friends who made the effort to text me before or after the ceremony and also the ones who left messages to me on facebook :) Also to friends who were there and wished me personally too.  

Just picked a few group photos to be shown it here. Not possible to show all the nice photos here plus I am too lazy to do the photo collage thingy. 

Throw mortarboard is the culture of every convocation. We studied for so many years and this is what we wanted to do the most. Throw as high as possible, same theory applied in lou sang.

What's the feeling of receiving the scroll on the stage? I thought I would be very gan jiong but I did not. 
I was sitting on the second row where very near to the video cameraman so I appeared on the big screen for quite a couple of times throughout the ceremony. haha (why so proud =.=)

Lastly, I shall end this post with this picture which is currently my cover photo for Facebook. 
All the best to my friends and me. 

Wow a very long post again. Not initially don't want to blog about it de meh?!! I didn't know I have so much to write and to thank in this post. lol  Somehow I think I can still write more but I shall stop here. Who treats who fairly or badly, we know this by heart. Needless to be too frank sometimes, atmosphere/relationship/friendship will be affected. 

40 days to go for my professional papers exams. I am so lazy for it. International exam, Y U NO EASY?
Knock on my head and it sounds so empty. Brain, are you in??!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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