Tuesday, October 16, 2012

True love

Not to leave my blog not updated for too long, I have decided to update a bit before I ciao again for my revision and other sort of daily nonsense. haha 

But anyhow, I can't think of any topic to write or to share so might as well share a photo with you which I seriously this is lovely. 

Both are my nieces. I seriously love this picture and glad that my sister captured the moment when they hugged together. This is really awesome and I really like it. That's the way they express their love for each other. The true love beneath them...I suppose XD

Anyone of you have encounter any problem in opening my blog link? For example, a red page tells you that this blog links contains virus or whatever and warn you not to visit it? That's the first time I came across this malware detection and I have no idea how it became so.

Do tell me if you come across this problem and I will try my best to solve it. Thanks!!

Have a nice day and enjoy your day :) 

To love and be loved. 


Wisdom is only found in truth

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