Monday, November 12, 2012

Edible bonsai

One of my hobbies is to search for simple and yummy recipe online. I don't have the ability to make any complicated recipe so I must find an achievable recipe. So glad that I can read Chinese therefore I don't limit myself to English pages but also Chinese. I came across this Taiwanese blogger on Taiwan Yahoo! who have this very nice bonsai picture as thumbnail for that post. 

Got attracted by the picture and I clicked into it. Wow...I told myself I must try at least once to see. In fact, I am just eager to see the outcome whether I could make a pretty bonsai dessert. Went to supermarket and bought whatever that I need for it. 

The super simple ingredients for making the dessert. 

1 cup 
1 cup of yogurt 
some ice-cream
few pieces of chocolate chips

Step 1 
Unsealed the yogurt and pour into the cup. No worries, a cup of yogurt is not going to make the cup full. Choose your own favourite flavour 'cause you are the one who is going to consume it later. (may not also)

Step 2
Scoop the ice cream and make it as the second layer of the dessert. Initially wanted to choose vanila flavour but I thought chocolate flavour would be better if the chocolate chips can't fully cover it. Then I was wrong. The chocolate ice cream is too milky, what I mean here is the taste of the milk is too strong and I don't like it. Depends on individual. 

For why do we need ice-cream, is because we need the height and to prevent the chips to get contacted to the yogurt directly and sink too fast.

Step 3
Break the chocolate chips into small pieces to make the top layer as the mud. It's better if you could get a darker coloured chips. It's look more real. 

Step 4
Go to the garden to pluck a small grass to decorate it for photography purposes only. Wipe the side of the cup if ice cream has stained it. Sprinkle some water on the leave to make it nicer! 

Speaking of taste, hmmm, the chocolate ice-cream spoilt the whole dessert. Wall's ice cream, why are you so milky? Tasted just like chocolate milk. hahaha 

I anyhow think I did it successfully. It looks nice, isn't it? XD 

Hope this post is gonna inspire to make your own dessert too. I can't wait to see your bonsai blossom. haha 
Do leave a link to me so I could see your beautiful food art. 

To love and be loved. Bless you!! xoxo

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Camy said...

Nice one. pretty photography