Sunday, November 18, 2012

Laced high low dress

This post is gonna be a solely outfit post. I am trying to make my way to become a fashionista (impossible). Ahhh, no lah no lah, it's just that I can't find any relevant topic to blog and I have left it dead for 6 days. Not like a big deal but I just simply feel I should update something at least. 

Happened to go for a wedding luncheon this afternoon therefore for sure I took some photos of myself. Nobody wanna take photo (got lah, I refuse to appear in the group photo) for me so I took them with my phone's front camera lor. 

Took these photos before I left the wedding venue, very bad at posing. I really like the lace at the back of the high low dress. Looks like I could have sexy back too for the moments!! This time I learnt, minimize the gap between my feet as small as possible while capturing photo. It's my sista's dress and heels, bagus kan can share share to maximize the marginal utility of buying the goods. hahaha 

This is one of the best parts of having siblings. You share but she pays!! LOL

 Was already on my way home. I shall learn how to 'colour' my face like seriously. Match gold colour to the outfit since I was wearing so black. 

That day was yumcha-ing with friends then I was complaining the cosmetics are too expensive. Somehow I am not bluffing and waffling as I desire. I do need them to make practical learning, how leh?! On the other hand, I hardly colour my face and always go out like a haggard old lady with soulless eyes. It's fine to me but I am just helping the future me to complain. 

Okay, have to go munch a little on my notes. Please make me wiser!! 

Introduce a very nice Korean song, Heart road sang by Girls' Generation's Jessica

If you could understand Chinese, I know the subtitle is funny but just simply ignore it unless you wish to learn to sing this song =) 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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