Friday, November 02, 2012

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

Dessert...I like dessert, indeed mouth washer after main course. =) 

Dou hua / taufufa (in cantonese) / soya beancurd is so common and can get it easily at everywhere. However, I came across this famous soya beancurd in Singapore so I must try lah. 

Now they have few branches in Singapore so don't have to queue for so long time anymore. I went to the one at Clementi. 

 We were asked to wait for 30 minutes before they start their business operations
Awkwardly took this photo at its stall with the logo

It's actually more to beancurd pudding because it is not that soft like the traditional soya beancurd. Unlike the traditional beancurd, this is not served in sugar syrup. 

The 30 minutes waiting time, I bought a cup of Koi and we sat at the bench to share our daily stories. What I wanted to say is the beancurd still taste good even though I had drank a cup of sweet drink before eating it. 
Okay lah, that's the 3 of us. Thanks kangwei for buying us this dou hua. hahaha 

A very short post. Not much to blog about. 

To love and be loved. xoxo 

Have a nice day!!

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