Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction

I have a problem over here. Each time when I tell myself, ahhh I must write this in my blog as a record to myself but the moment I sit in front of my laptop, hands on the keyboard, BLANK!! Do I have a chicken brain or my memory is really that poor?? I have the tendency to actually blog silently in my head anytime anywhere, this is sickness. 

Forget about it. 

Anyway gonna write about my dinner gathering at Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction. Have heard from friends for like few years ago but hardly makan at Bugis. If I do, it is surely gonna be at the food junction or a stick of fish balls at Bugis street. hahaha I have something for the big fish balls from that particular stall. It's oily but it's big, hot, bouncy and fresh. The goodness outweighs the bad ones. 

Back to Ma Maison (it means 'my house' in French), so welcome to my house :) Always got no chance to visit so I took the opportunity to make our dinner there. Initially wanted to go to another restaurant but too bad, Bugis doesn't have it.

Errmmm Ma Maison serves Japanese Western cuisine. People have been telling that the food is good, so I must try it personally to justify their statements. 

Make my way into the restaurant and immediately I think I am in Japan. I never been to Japan, but thanks to the advance technology, I watched Japanese drama mah. How to say? The person who showed us the way is a Japanese, the ambiance of the restaurant is so Japanese and the family two tables next to us is Japanese. haha Many others Japanese as well.

The day before we had Japanese cuisine as late lunch and went to Bon Odori. Now again, we are surrounded by Japanese again. It was our self-claimed Japanese culture weekend. 

I thought the price would be shocking high but it is okay, that's why I made my move into the restaurant. Price range is $13-$30 per person. Thanks to Daniel who tabbed the bill that night!! 

We girls won because we have a super nice background and lighting, sorry guys!! hahaha Next time must choose strategic place to sit. 
Ma Maison provides free Wifi for their patrons. It's so hard to get free wifi in Singapore 'cause more of them have 3G and don't need it. Foreigner like me very overjoy for the service. hehe 
Daniel's omu-rice with beef...omelette rice lah actually
Kangwei's tonkatsu rice set that comes with a fried pork cutlet, salad, a bowl of rice, miso soup and one scoop of green tea ice cream.
The very cute and friendly waitress explained these 3 things to us patiently and a bit takut we can't remember. Start from the left in a pot that looks like Pooh's honey pot is the tonkatsu sauce, middle is the grinder for big salt and last one is the sauce for salad. Till the end of the meal, we don't understand what is the salt for?

Suhui's carbonara. You all go to spam her blog and ask her PLEASE UPDATE LAH!!! =.= lol
This is my cheesy seafood with errmmm...I don't know what. Honestly speaking, the portion of the food is very small except that tonkatsu set. However, it tastes very good!! 

We finished our food quite fast but still we continue sitting there to chat since we have not seen each other for quite sometime. I am referring Daniel. Our topic coverage quite wide so it was quite fun chatting and laughing loudly like nobody's business. 

This is the key to check out from this house. So cute, isn't it? There's a number on it, which literally means which room (table) are you from. Show it at the counter and pay your bill there, exactly like checking out at a hotel lobby. 
I must make my second visit there to try their pizza. The restaurant has a open style kitchen so when the oven baked freshly from oven, fuhhhh the smell is heavenly good. Thinking of it now makes me drool already. 
Oh yeah, maybe I shall try some wine next time too? Pizza + red wine = mama mia, perfect combination...break the norm that pizza must go with coke! But, goes with wine is not something new then how about Milo? Okay pun...
Now Bugis Junction and Bugis+ have more choices for dining places, I am like very happy for that for don't know what reason. Always got hyped by very nicely decorated restaurant/cafe. 

Dinner is done. We decided to go Clarke Quay for the night view. Sitting on the staircase by Singapore river. For years never go Clarke Quay at night. Tourist mission accomplished, always act like one but memang pun one. 

It was a simple nice dinner with friends. ^^ 
To love and be loved! xoxo  

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