Monday, November 05, 2012

Safeguard your property

Between beggars and robbers, if you really have to choose, who would you respect more? Dilemma.

Beggars are mostly homeless or lazy to work so out of no choice, they choose to walk around in dirty clothing to beg for money or food. Sometimes it could be annoying if you say no and that fella still stand right next to your dining table. However, if you dig out some coins or a piece of note from your purse and give it to them, you are doing it voluntarily (sometimes maybe you don't wish to but still you give lah...somehow still given at your own will). That's how they earn for living. 

On the other hand, robbers or snatch thieves tend to put your life at risk and claim your property as theirs. They will use whatever means to wipe off all your belongings into their pockets 'rightfully'. For those who don't hurt and ask for money only, AT LEAST not that inhumane, ya AT LEAST. In the end in order to save your  or you family life, you gotta let them take your valuable items away involuntarily. 

Who on earth doesn't need or LIKE money? Everyone loves an easy job. Go shopping or high tea with friends every afternoon but still you get a very good amount to be credited in the bank monthly. *fat hope* We love free and easy life, don't we? But please, don't be greedy on what is not yours. Earn something that you want via a rightful and legal route. No red eye on what people have because you have no idea how much effort people have put it to earn what they deserve. 

For example, your primary classmate is now a very famous big doctor in a big hospital earning big money every month but you are only a small character in a small company earning small money monthly. You can't blame on the status differences if you did not do your utmost in planning your future life. I believe those who had become a doctor must have studied very hard in pursuing their ambition to becoming a doctor or to make their lives better in the future. They know this job can bring them big money so they go after what they want. However, if you forever jealous on what people have and show no actions to get what you desire, sorry, long way to success.

There's forever limited supply of money to fulfill our unlimited wants so be contented on what you have.


My mum told me about a ATM fraudulent activity (read on a newspaper) that happened not long ago. There's a person wanted to withdraw money from a ATM but the screen showed him invalid password and required him to re-enter the password. Somehow it still failed on the second time of trying. Then the screen showed a number and stated please call this number if you have any problem (something like that). Of course, he made the phone call and eventually the bank account got wiped off by the thief (what's the noun for them, I got no idea). 

If you face any similar problem at a ATM, please please please do not call any number shows on the screen. If it is a banking day, please go straight to the bank to inquire for details but if it is not, you shall wait until the next banking day morning. This is to protect yourself. Safeguard your property.   

Please spread the words to your loved ones and create the awareness.

Please be ethical and don't do things that you don't wish to happen upon you. If education is not enough to make people learn, what else can we do in helping this society back to the right route? We need pills for this sick society. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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