Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's the 12th day of the 12th month of the year 2012. 

Done with my exam this evening. Thanks friend for picking me up from the exam venue and off we go for my requested Korean cuisine as dinner for tonight. Okay lah, it's not like we purposely choose today to commemorate it but we somehow did it too. haha 

It's Uncle Jang Korean restaurant, a place which I wish to go since last time. Now they brought me there!!! The reason why I wish to go there is because I thought we could fry the food ourselves which look pretty fun for me. My jaw dropped when I reached at the doorstep. haha It doesn't look like those Korean cuisine restaurant that I went to. Every table has one big frying pan and a gas tong under the table. Not much choice on the menu but the price is cheaper!! =D

Pick the ingredient that we want from the menu and they will bring to us. Of course, the crew will fry it for us too. Korean rice cake surely is one of them, can you spot them?
That's how it looks like after everything is added in. One disadvantage of dining at Korean cuisine restaurant is the whole body including your apparel will be full with the smoky smell from the food. Better go home straight after makan! haha 

Ahhhhh always love Korean ginseng soup but it lacks the aroma of the ginseng though I found dua batang of ginseng in the soup. Anyway, it's still nice though. Om nom nom...

I chatted so much with my friend in the car while another friend was busy with work. That's was really fun and we were sharing the Instagram accounts that we think we should follow to check out their pictures. loll Ain't stalker but I suppose you upload it on Insta is to share also right? hehe I am merely doing a part in completing the mission. 

Lastly, they passed these to me when I got down from the car. Awww...the souvenirs from Bangkok. Blame the exam timetable clashed with the schedule if not I could follow them. Nvm, next time, shall we? haha So glad to have them always ber-38 with me all the time, have to entertain my 38-ness also. lol I clearly understand it's not easy to entertain me most of the time. haha 

There's a piece of dress, a pair of earrings, one key chain with my name (if you can see, it's wann) and a bag from Naraya!! Not to forget, thanks for the power bank as my graduation gift too!! So love it~~ 
Not trying to be sentimental at this time but really THANK YOU!! Hardly got people treat me so so SO SO good besides my family lah. (blame myself for being too nasty all the time) 

Appreciate them a lot!! Wait for me to get a job in the future and I shall treat you all makan besar!! LOL 

Have a nice day and xoxo =D

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