Saturday, December 22, 2012

Home design

Are you a fans of The Sims? 
or Should I ask do you fancy designing your own house?

Friends were playing this game so I decided to give it a try like a few months later
I was so excited to build and design the house.

Similar to Sims, have to work to earn but just merely wait for the time to collect the money
unlike the character in Sims really have to go to work
and could earn buy showing other talents 

 The initial building has only two rooms and I built another 2 rooms
there are missions to accomplish just like FB games. 

 Built a swimming pool for my house and more rooms

 start design the house with Christmas decorations 
snowy bushes and trees

This is how my house currently look like now
getting messy and messy but quite okay I guess

Go request others for adding me as neighbours or respond to people's request
I have lots of fun to visit people's wonderful houses
some of the houses OMG beautiful 
so nice !! 

Yesterday 21-12-2012 was winter solstice 
mama made a pot of colourful tang yuan for this special festival.

Meanwhile this date was said to be the date for this world to be vanished
then somehow they said by following the Mayans' timing, 
it should be 22-12-2012 2pm in Malaysia though.

But, thank God that we are still breathing and alive
no running for surviving nor hiding here and there

I heard from the news that some places were announced as the safest places
if this world ever ended
so the hotel rooms were fully booked on 21-12-2012
quite amusing huh?!

Anyway be glad that I could still blog and write my own stories
on and on

Have a nice day

Wisdom is only found in truth

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