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My awesome 2012

Aha, again it's the time to recap things happened in 2012, be it good or bad. Of course, I will only mention the good ones to keep a record and throw away those bad memories. 2012, indeed a great and meaningful year to me. 

I, ermmmm memory not so good so basically I will be browsing the photo albums and recall the memories. Not sure if this is gonna be a long or short post but it surely gonna be like a summarized story. hahaha Long winded ah po wann is gonna tell her grandmother's story NOW!

We have 3 more members added into the family starting this year Chinese New Year celebration who are my cousin-in-law (paternal), niece (maternal) and my another super lovely niece from my eldest sister.

You see you see, she was so chubby and cute!! This photo was taken when she was only 8 or 9 months old.
The recent photo of her. Little girl now different already, know how to pose, can run, can jump, can play, can fight with me. haha There's a time we were dining at a restaurant, she only want my spaghetti so she sat on my lap and share a little with me. One more time at a restaurant too, instead of sitting with her parents she was sitting in between me and my bro. We gave her share in a small bowl but she did not want it. She was happily scooping rice from my plate and feed herself and also picking away her favourite sliced cucumber from my dish. We thought maybe she wants food in plate therefore her mum gave her rice on a plate but failed. lol Maybe she just love to share food with her afraid this ah yi grows horizontally as years go by.

CNY dinner gathering with my beloved girls, secondary schoolmates. It's not easy to gather so many of us besides special occasion. I only get to meet some of them only once a year. awww that's too little.
Ta-daa, the uni gang for CNY makan session before we graduated. It's even harder for us to gather with full attendance like this. 
Thanks for inviting me to join the fun!! =D 

2012 is a year which I traveled the most. Both within country and overseas, ride on many kind of transportation (sounds weird  lol ).

Genting was the place I spent to countdown for 2012 so basically I started my 2012 with a very cooling nice weather with them. 
And the next day we went down to KL for shopping and meeting our friend, Hiu Kei. After that, we stopped by Seremban to buy siew pau before sending me back to Malacca. 

There's a hot air balloon fiesta at Putrajaya in March and I went there the day after attending my cousin's wedding which is also located nearby to the venue.  

Courtesy to Mhing Ming and her family, I had fun in Kluang and visited UK Farm, a place which I'd always wanted to go. Thanks!!! The first time a whole troop of sheep, see how doggy ask the sheep back to their homes, see a real lavender, see passion fruits still on branches and actually tasted goat milk ice cream. 

Nice experience. 
The Batu Pahat gang came down to Kluang to join the fun on the second last day before we went back to Malacca to submit our assignments. haha Assignments, so what?! We gonna have fun too and not gonna let assignment ruins our date. woohoo

Now here comes to May, a month full with mixed feelings. Joyful, happiness, sadness...
Left one more final exam paper but still we were all around the town to cari makan while some have finished their exams and some were still mugging on their notes. Nah, not our styles. LOL
The last semester was the sem which I enjoyed the most. Went to sing K after the first exam paper when we still left with two. The craziness gives me the sweet memory.

Cracked our heads to think of a place for our graduation trip and kukup was the place. Everything was provided and all we need to do is to have fun and relax. We really had so much fun there. 
The next day headed down to Johor Premium Outlet and Danga bay. Okay, the cycling part was quite thrilling and tiring. haha

Woohoo~~ our very own accounting night organised by our friend, Jen Jiu who was the former Accounting Club president. It all started from a conversation between a few of us in a kopitiam having breakfast after tutorial classes. Thanks for organising this event during the study and exam week. It was a memorable and unforgettable night in my life =)

The rainbow colour photo shooting of ours. Thanks Kiwi for helping us with this set of photos to commemorate the end of our uni life. It's also the day where everyone cried in McDonald's because of the separation, don't bear to say bye bye to friends who we see almost everyday in the past few months. 

You know what, this is the day after the photo shooting where some of them suppose to go back to hometown but ya, they postponed it and we had this photo after lunch.
On the very same day, again we were roaming in Melaka at night. The last venue was sitting on the field talking nonsense until 4am. Due to the craziness, I overslept and almost missed the taxi to bus station to hop on the bus to airport. phew~

Yeah, the beach outside Hard Rock hotel Penang. The sand was so fine but the water is so dirty. errrr 
I had so much good local food all thanks to friend's intro. Never did we feel hungriness in those few days. He even prepared breakfast for us to eat it in car before eating the breakfast main course. (do you get me?)

Charlie Brown Cafe at Straits Quay, my favourite Peanuts family!!
Hehe, the sweet sweet couple at Penang's hill. That's my first visit up there. Hmmm those masions made me wow!!

The first night of the trip we spent it on the Penang island but we took ferry and moved to Butterworth on the second night. These two dishes are the food that I miss the most from Butterworth. Oh yeah, I also met up with Min Chiew. hehe Butterworth's auto city quite happening!!

Flew to Langkawi to spend a night with new friends. It's also my first time to Langkawi. The unforgettable seafood dinner with ohmygod price that shocked us all. Experienced police roadblock and we were stopped but we were fine too. haha 
We spent the night with games and liquor. It's a really funny night with fun people. 

I went back to Malacca after Langkawi to check out my room. Bid farewell to the corner where I spent for 5 years. 

This year June, I went to Macau and Hong Kong again but this time with friends. We went to  a few of those famous local cafes that many people recommended it. Australia Dairy Company's breakfast is nice!! 
Minnie and Mickey at Hong Kong Disneyland

Also in June, we went back to Malacca to settle some documents and grabbed this opportunity to meet up with those who could attend. Hello Kitty sweety house in Muar was one of our destinations. 

I blogged about that cafe and it was one of the most popular post of 2012. And, the post itself is linked in johorkaki in its same topic post. Thanks for linking my post =) 
If you are curious which post that gets most viewed for 2012's post, it goes to Y U Bo Jio. hahaha

The temple in Batu Pahat was the destination after Muar. Kawan-kawan brought us to experience all nice local food which they said MUST TRY!!

July is the birthday month! We made a trip to Malacca on my birthday. I die die brought them to Limau limau cafe because I miss their sandwiches. hahaha This trip I finally tried the chicken rice ball at Jonker. That's really sarcastic, right?
That's dummy, who shares the same birth date with me! He is also the one who drove us thru and fro for the trip. Thanks ya!

A super lazy and hardly exercise person like me actually went to hiking at Pulai Hill at Kulai. I was soooooo tired somehow I am glad that I went to see the place. haha It was August, lunar July...mama actually did not encourage me to go.

Finally ms. Delia rolled back from UK and we met up in September! 

The new theme park in Malaysia, the Legoland!! 

I went for my family trip right before 2012 ends to make this year even more interesting and colourful.
TAIPEI 101!!! Bingo~~ The famous icon of Taiwan and also the yellow cab. lol

None of the above could beats this as the most meaningful event of year 2012. My convocation in October is surely something I can never forget and would never forget. Graduation gown and hat, the scroll, things I had been wanting for since the day I stepped my feet into the university. 

Every year there's gonna be many 'first time' in a year without fail so I hope more good 'first time' in the future. For example, strike few thousand prize toto for the first time. lol 

Speaking of new year resolutions, I am not so sure what do I want or what should I do so let it goes as it goes by and we shall see. 2012 is really a great year and I wish I have more luck in 2013. More travel opportunities, get a job and earn money, loss 5kgs, get to eat many nice food without gaining weight and pass all the exams. Anyhow say the resolutions...whatever lah

I wish you have a very good year 2013 and happy new year to you!! 
Good health and good wealth =D

Wisdom is only found in truth

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