Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One day in Legoland M'sia

Exam is over and finally we could have a very nice first outing for the 3 of us. The day before Legoland which is also the day after the exam (purposely make it complicated), we went to watch movie and had super relaxing high tea on a rainy day. Like a happy lady like that. 

Thanks friend's dad for fetching us to Larkin bus station to take the bus to Legoland. There's a bus service to Legoland so it's very convenient. Check it here. Limited seats on the bus so we had to stand throughout the journey but thank God for the smooth traffic. 

Get ready for photos spam!! Ready, GO~
(You might be experiencing slow speed in loading the pictures due to the number of pictures in a post)

Was looking around see who could help us to take a picture and finally I spotted a family who needed assistance too. You help me, I help me, to mark our memorable day with the loved ones.

Brick shop is our first stop. So colorful that I wish to at least 1kg back home to build my own Lego robot but I didn't. 

 I really like this Santa Lego. Ahhhh so cute!! Don't you think so? 

This reminds me of my childhood playing with Lego. I like to remove its hair and make it bald like this too. hahaha 

 We were lucky to see the Legoland crew photographer there so we asked their help. They were holding a better camera than mine but I can't believe the quality of pictures by them. 

Ta-daa!! Let me present to you the Asia's tallest Lego Christmas tree. The tree beside it looks like another Pine tree without decoration. Boleh jugak lah hor

Keretapi Tanah Melay (KTM) the very smelly train service in Malaysia.
The bee is so hardworking. Thanks for the beautiful flowers! Okay, thanks to the gardeners too!

 Welcome to Kuala Lumpur
That's a monorail

This is Johor Bahru, Sungai Sengget there, opposite City Square mall. A place where I used to wait for domestic bus after school. A place where I could see policemen patrolling yet the place is still so dangerous.

I personally like this shot.  

The pirates

It's a little playground of the kids to have fun. Throwing balls at each other can be really fun too! haha

 This shot looks like it's taken in USS
everyone loves Egypt

I was so excited to see how people speed down and get wet so I took this picture. And you know what? I found my senior in the boat! Yeah, I did talk to her after her ride. haha 

We all got wet after the ride. They said I was like a heroin, sat alone at the first seat. I am hardly so with guts 'cause I am like forever a timid coward.

I took this shout after coming out from the ermmmm shall we call it a restaurant? Whatever! The food is HORRIBLE!! A plate of COLD + TASTELESS turkey and ham carbonara (there's only ham =.= ), a bowl of funny taste chicken soup or don't know what soup is it and a cup of soda costs me RM23. Okay put aside the price issue since it's a tourist spot, I already expect it to be pricey. Seriously why do you have to do this to your patrons? 

Friends who order pizza also complaint that it's too hard. Not sure about the taste but they finished the whole personal pizza though. At first I thought of finishing mine too since I've already paid for the food and it's not too good to waste food but I gave up. I was suffering from food poisoning last 2 weeks, throwing up + diarrhea + fever not a good experience for me so I got scared. Then I got paranoid by the food and started to feel nausea. Siao! 

I was in a hurry that morning so I only had one bun that I got it at the bus station. Was expecting something hot for lunch though. 

Hey Legoland Malaysia management, please improve the quality of your food, sincerely me. People who possess an annual pass who rather take the hassle to exit your park to have lunch outside and re-enter the park to continue the fun. The restaurants outside serve better food at a cheaper price, do you get me? 

Me and my funny bangs. 
I feel really uneasy with the wet pants and wet hair after the ride. 
For those who wish to go, get a set of clothing for changing.

After that meal, I rejected my friends for all those funny funny thrilling rides. LOL
*side effect*

This looks fun! You pull the rope to bring yourself up to the top!!

While waiting to enter into the theatre for 4D movie, the crew offered to take picture for us to kill the time. 
L for Legoland!!  
I made them wear the 3D glasses to take a picture and then I refused to take mine. 

The little boys were busy racing their Lego cars 

They went for the ride and I was down there taking photos for them

 This reminds me of Bukit Tinggi

 Hello to my friends at the kingdom castle

they were actually my uni-coursemate but we didn't know each other
and never did we talk a single word to each other
I got to know them in my current course
we were from the same elementary school too!!

 the Lego ornaments doen by little kids I guess

Did you see the little cute boy beside the tree?
He was chasing after the mum's feet and wanna bite/lick them. haha

Friends were queuing for this ride and I was sitting at a place to wait for them. There's a grandma and a little boy sitting beside me. The boy couldn't stop crying because the parents went away for another ride. Then I offered to show him Mickey Mouse video to make him stop crying. The grandma said, don't want lah!! =.= 

Pardon me for being so busybody but is that the one to reject my offer? I was impressed seriously!! 
 Can you spot me?
last picture for this post

This is my second visit there. I don't enjoy queuing for every ride under this funny weather. Rain for a while, big hot sun for a while. Alamak!!
I went to Legoland again, 5 days after this visit with my family. Baby Angel was so excited to see the mini Lego buildings and those moving Lego vehicles. haha 

Anyway, it's fun to be there like a big kid. hehe
Have a nice day. xoxo

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