Friday, December 07, 2012


Okay, exam week is forever this boring and make me even more dull directly. I have been hiding in my room for like 2 weeks without seeing the beautiful outside world (except go nearby for meals). I thought I wouldn't update here again until my exam is over but I already beh tahan, I need a platform to rant. Btw, I did rant a lot on Twitter talking to the air. hahaha 

Not like I study non-stop and I did slack a lot still I feel lifeless!!! Do anything besides revision makes me guilty but without the entertainment, I got bored. The moment I refuse or stop revising, I will be at the kitchen. MY GOD!! 

Having the exam 3 days consecutively starts on Monday!! 2 more days for the D-day and 5 more days to enjoy this awesome holiday plus festive season. I am not well prepared but I anyhow wish the exam day please come soon and end me fast =.= 

Alright, gotta get back to revise and stuff whatever I could into this pea-brain. 
Last but not least, Jay Chou's new song. Can't wait to buy this new album though. haha 

Enjoy his new song here. Definitely very Jay Chou's style. 

Bye!! Have a nice day :D 

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