Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Hobbit : An unexpected journey

I am not a fans of LOTR neither did I watch any of its movie
okay I did watch the beginning of don't know which part and I fell asleep

however this hobbit's trailer attracted me to buy ticket and stepped into the cinema
I warned my friend I might sleep in the cinema 
lol but luckily I survived throughout the whole movie

a very long movie 
2 hours and 46 minutes

He is Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit 
I like his house especially the round door

I was impressed how the dwarves could dig out so many food from his house
and made a big feast for themselves

The 13 dwarves who look completely different from the ones in Snow White
hahaha alright I know it's not funny

He decided to leave his books, the armchair and his home
for a journey that is full with uncertainties

He is Gandalf who I personally think that looks like Prof. Dumbledore 
Gandalf is a wizard too!

I love this part where the sun shines on them and immediately they turn into stones
very amusing 

This fella has the look of the monster in Journey to the west

They left the elves' palace and heading to their destination 
It's actually a part of the rock man
Rock men's fight lagi interesting

He is Gollum who also appear in LOTR
ahhh this one I know who is he 
He kept talking to his precious but no idea who
should be the ring

Most of the time I watch a movie for the sake of entertainment 
without putting effort in knowing what's the movie all about 
I watched, I forgot 

This is just part 1 and I am gonna watch part 2 if the world doesn't end on 21st Dec 2012
haha lame joke again but who knows the future right?!

shall stop it here

Wisdom is only found in truth

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