Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A night by the bay

Yoohoo~ It's Wednesday, middle of the week again. Had a weekend getaway to Singapore and met up friends. The last time I met up with them was few months ago, so happened that one friend is sent by company to have staff training in Singapore therefore I decided to just meet them up for dinner on Friday. 

I swayed slowly by taking bus and mrt since they have to work. Finally, Anna was the one who met me up first since she knock off earliest. Walked around the basement of Raffles City and searching what to have for dinner. 

Walked down from the escalator and stumbled upon the window. I know those puffs are fake but they still do look delicious. They were giving free testing at the counter so we went to try. om nom nom I told Anna, hey it tasted like after koko krunch soak in the milk for a while, the chewy feeling. 

We bought one each after testing. There's custard cream inside the puff so it's not empty. I saw puff with the curry puff's ingredients like curry chicken or black pepper chicken, never give it a try though maybe next time. I cannot put the chewy pastry and them together, how would it taste like? Wonder...
Oh, It's Chewy Junior btw, if you are keen to try it.

Always wanted to try the fruit tart so we had our dinner there as well. The reason why we set it as dinner venue because there's $2 discount for the tart for every set of main course order. Was craving for tiramisu, of course I got excited to see strawberry tiramisu on the menu then I ordered that one. Don't know why is the tiramisu so bitter, errrr I don't like it leh. 

Then we made our way to Merlion. Didn't expect the light performance thou so it's a surprise. Didn't bring camera with me so it's taken with mobile phone camera, the best I could show it here. Trust me, even if I have my Blackstone (name of my camera), it won't be any better. hahahaha 

We tried to make this photo look artistic but big failure!! hahaha nvm...everyone looks at art

Done appreciating the beautiful night view of Singapore then we moved on to Marina Bay Sands. 

The night might be late and shops are closing but there's one place opens 24 hours with many lights on plus free drinks. Went into casino for one round before it's too late to catch the last train. Obviously, we were there for free beverages only. No capital for betting on the table pun. 

Basically that's the end of our meeting. I suka-suka then go find them again, my friends beware ya, don't find me a nuisance please. hahahaha Wait I think where to go then I jio u guys again =)

Okay, the end. Bye! Have a nice day!  

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