Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beautiful cliff at Taipei

Leave more foot steps on the world map makes me see more and learn more. Taiwan has many nice scenery and we were brought to see one of the magnificent mother nature creations. It's a cliff next to the sea. I was resting my eyes in the car with earphones plugged into my ears music on. Then, my sister shake me and asked me to see the view. I turned to see and looked calm but deep down in my heart, I wow and wow, this is beautiful. 

So happy that we could get down from the car to take pictures and get closer to it. There's even a parking lot opposite it so that tourist buses could park there. Therefore I suppose this should be one of the tourist spots in Taipei too.

I errmmmm look bald here. LOL

My lovely and dearest parents <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Always wanted a England flag top and I bought it at last. It's a sweater. Wore another singlet inside and left my winter jacket in the car. Luckily the coldness is acceptable so I am fine.

It was Christmas!! Trying to match with the festive so I brought the Santa hat all the way from MALAYSIA!! 

Little yellow flower alongside the pathway to another side of the cliff.

Squat down to take picture of the little yellow flower and sister took this shot of me shooting. It's more like a behind scene shot of the picture above. hahaha 

I am the only one made my way to the dangerous spot =.= Didn't go till the edge and was called to retreat. Was a little scared also to be honest. 

My sister has the potential to be paparazzi. Got that feel of the photo in gossip magazines? Normally the reporter has to zoooooooooom in to take a picture of the artists, somehow zoom too extreme will decrease the quality of the photo. 

The road is very narrow and steep, turning here and there, almost got motion sickness. Not this road but the way to other destinations after this.

Waterfall. Saw a old couple holding hands stood there to appreciate the view. After that, saw them left on a bike. Romantic like that.  

Okay a family portrait to end this post. It was a fine sunny yet cooling day.

Have a nice day. xoxo!

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