Monday, January 21, 2013

Gold Ecological Museum @ New Taipei City

For this trip, I merely hopped onto the car and let the driver brings me to wherever since I went there without doing any research and don't have any places in mind as well. He brought us to the museum with free admission.

The buildings are all in Japanese style, at one second I thought I was in Japan *daydreaming* It's a very nice place for relaxing and walking around to see the things.
This is the first stop, visit the four joined Japanese style residence. They actually rebuilt the whole building according to the old building that left behind and open it to the public. 
Let me show you the interior of the house. The decoration in those days...

Living in this house is like no privacy hor, whatever you say in this room next door can listen clearly. Maybe even repeat your sentence without mistake. haha 

Come, grab this opportunity to take a picture at the exit before moving on to the next stop. I quite like it!
Since I have such a nice background, I requested a picture of myself leaning against the pillar like this, purposely don't look at the camera assuming very artistic. After this request right, my sister rejected all my later request. ISH no worries, that's why I have two sisters. One refuse to help, another helps. haha So good to have siblings. XD

I found this souvenir coin machine just like the one in Hong Kong Ocean Park. Picked an image that I prefer then I pressed one for myself as a souvenir.

I think I do have something with staircase. The steps are nice, don't you think so? or just me feel so?

That's my mum with the victory pose. Y^_^Y

If only I own this 200kg gold and I could be my own boss, don't even have to look for a job for the rest of my life. *daydreaming*

That's the end of museum.

Lunar New Year is near so everyone is out for shopping but please be extremely be careful of your belongings especially women with handbags. If possible, avoid using a handbag and carry only a little pouch with a strap so you can put it on your wrist.

Don't let your kids go out of your vision. There are few cases happened in Malaysia and we seriously feel very sorry for the parents. I do hope the lost kids will go back to parents soon for reunion.

See from the picture, William is a very cute boy!! Nobody knows his whereabouts and who is he with together. So, pray to God that William is returning home very soon!! amitabha... 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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