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Taiwan Day 1

First post of 2013 so Happy New Year to all of you!! How was your countdown?

Welcome to Taiwan!! 

That's the slogan I always heard from the Taiwan tourism advertisement from the TV. Watched TW dramas showing the nice scenery of Taiwan and variety shows introducing the omg yummy food in Taiwan, forever hoping I could visit that treasure island at least once. haha Yeah, dear papa just granted this wish right before 2012 ended and the whole family spent our Christmas day there. Thanks papa!! 

Arrived too early at the airport so decided to makan to kill time. It was already 9pm+ but everyone was still eating so we joined the crowd. Souperlicious, right next to the entrance, wanted to try it since last time so I suggested it and we bought the food. That's gonna be the first and also the last time of dining there. Food not yummy. 

No idea why does the airport has Angry Birds everywhere at the airport. Can pose with it so very okay

Flying from my favourite airport, not only because of those duty free stores, retail stores, free candies at the counter, also because of the massaging machine provided at every corner. It's not very hygienic but fun mah.  
This time round, I scoot, you scoot, we scoot!! Okay lah, the captain still look handsome even though he's already in his middle age and his landing skill is good!! Errr captain geng or co-pilot geng? who controls? I also don't know. *booooo*

Done clearance and it's almost 7am. What else than having breakfast. Don't even care did I brush my teeth eat only since I barely sleep on the plane also =.=
First day was so windy and we were sitting at outdoor. I was omg my winter wear was inside the luggage and all I had with me were a very thin cardigan and a can't keep warm kind of jacket.  

Bee hoon in hot soup came to rescue. Ahhhh just in time.

Fried pork chop. 

Went to the temple look alike hotel to lend the loo then saw this very huge Christmas tree at the hotel lobby. Wooow this hotel really does look like a palace. haha 

It was too early and the only place that we can go is to the museum. But then we were wrong also, the ticket booth opens at 930am and we were like an hour early. 

We found this little cafe nearby and decided to have our another round of morning tea there to avoid the coldness.  
Everywhere is Christmas decoration and full with Christmas mood. Jingle bells~~ 

The environment of the cafe is so good and seriously enjoyed the ambiance over there. We were the first customers of the day plus it was too early so the cafe is pretty quiet, only our voice. All of us suffered from jet lag, I know there's no time difference with Malaysia but due to lack of sleep, all of us look just like zombies.  
 hot chocolate with milk powder I guess
I don't like!! 
 This is my black forest

The corner of the cardigan just wanna show you that I actually wore it inside. hahaha I was soooooo sleepy then yearn to just lie down on the floor and just sleep like this.  
Next, we moved on to another museum. Mama and I entered but in the end we decided to just sit on the bench to sleep. Actually very pai seh to sleep 'cause groups of people walking pass us, what to do eyelids were so heavy. I decided to roam around the museum alone before papa they all come to the meeting point. Thought must at least see the famous artifacts before I leave, too bad long queue so just leave there with regrets. 
The not-enough-of-sleep face still die die wanna take a picture for memory. 

Taiwan actually has many nice buildings for outdoor photo shooting. Really beautiful!! Just arrived few hours so still can't adapt to the cold weather. It's only 15 degree Celsius but the wind is too cold. 

Then it's makan time again, lu rou fan (braised pork rice) for lunch. That's radish soup!! Om nom nom not bad lah but the portion is a bit small.  

Moved on to shopping mall. A place like Malaysia's Pavilion or Singapore's Orchard road. Everything is expensive. 

I like the supermarket, why got sell anime's stuffs one? so good...Can't stop myself from buying so I bought something to keep.
Ta-daa say hello to the Detective Snoopy. hahahaha  
Always saw Taiwanese blogger said they drink this as breakfast for dieting. 
I didn't buy it because it's sugarless soy milk, don't like I am gonna like it though.

Finally check into the hotel room and slept for almost 2 hours before heading out for dinner. Shiok~
Opted for steamboat since it was cold and Taiwan's spicy steamboat is so famous. Go for it!! Taiwan restaurants normally sell only food and no beverages provided so gotta prepare own drinks.  
Bro and I went to dabao drinks from this shop! Just nice, learnt about this since looooooong time ago. I have a habit of reading Taiwanese's blogs so I am quite familiar with this name. Cold weather + steamboat + cold caramel macchiato = shiok!!

We actually followed the flow and queued blindly to buy honey bitter gourd juice from this stall. Ermmm it's too bitter so I don't like it. 

That's all for my first night in Taipei. Bye!!
Have a nice day, xoxo =D

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