Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taiwan Jiu Fen

A week passed means I haven't blog for a week. I was occupied with shopping, shopping and shopping for many things for the coming Lunar New Year. 10 more days and it will be the Lunar New Year eve, big feast gonna start on that day for at least 8 days straight? =p How's your preparation for LNY?? For those who are not celebrating the festival, how are you gonna spend your holidays? Come share it with me, I would like to know. haha *kepoh*

Gonna blog about another destination of the day 2 of my Taipei family trip. Went too many places on Day 2 so divided it into many parts to blog.

Jiu Fen. This place is really crowded with tourists. That's the main entrance/exit of the place yet it is already jam with people. So, it's proper to call it 'people mountain people sea'.  

One good thing about Jiu Fen or maybe in Taiwan is, most of the hawker let you try their food freely and won't force you to buy it. Even if you say you don't want to try, they will tell you it's okay to try without buying. They just want to let more people to try their products. Buy or don't buy, the decision lies on you, not them.

Therefore, we went on and tried from few stalls. haha I have to say Taiwanese are really friendly.  

Now you know I am not kidding, this is the proof. It's hard to move from the right to the left or vice versa. People behind you will continue to push you, tsk you...haha 
Love the mushroom from this stall so much. Bought a packet of it when I am back in Malaysia but we didn't know how to cook it. Aisey, wasted. Maybe next time I should buy it for a barbecue session. hahaha

 That's the sexy back of my lovely papa. 
the man who loves me whole heartedly, I suppose. hahahaha

Come to Taiwan, must eat its meatball because it is famous for it. Had this meatball mee soup at the famous shop at Jiu Fen. Sorry har, don't know the name of the shop.
Beh tahan, this is really good so it deserves one more picture appearance. I must have it again if I re-visit Jiu Fen.
Braised minced pork rice only for NT$25, roughly RM2.50

The traffic is crazy, I mean you look at the road it's not straight (obviously) so when big vehicle like buses wanna turn or there are vehicles on both way, really make the pedestrians gan jiong.  
Hey hey, was drinking the hot ginger tea. So niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

Ahhhh got so fed up to blog without using the mouse (spoilt). Finger so painful using the touch pad but fingers are fun on the smartphone, why huh? lol *excuses* 

Laziness won the case so bye!! Have a nice day =D

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