Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Snake Year 2013

Happy Snake Year to all of you, hope that I am not too late for wishing. It's only the 5th day of this Lunar New Year and it's also the Valentine's day. For the passed 2 years my LNY were also my exam period but I still get to celebrate the festive and enjoy the atmosphere. However, this year totally no ohm to celebrate and everyday is like normal weekdays. 3...2...1 count down for the first day I also bo rasa, so zen but I did shake hands with my family and wished each other HAPPY NEW YEAR. so what's wrong with this year?? 

Sister's colleague baked this layered cake and gift it to us. Kuih lapis with prunes is like soooooo yummy bagus!! 

 LNY is not only about nice food and gathering but also ang pau. 
I am still 'legal' to receive ang pau from the married elders. 

The flower arrangement which mama is very proud of. 

I am a seafood lover so I really love this dish. My focus that night was only all these prawns and adding some vegie to my plate, I finished the whole plate of rice. Diet plan, gone case. But I did control myself not finishing all the prawns. haha 
Look at the rice portion in the plate. 
chicken rice lagi leh

This year no house visiting and friends have not come to my house yet too. Everyday shaking my legs at home, waiting for chance to really doll up myself in new baju. woohoo~ 
Happy Lunar New Year and Happy Valentine's day to you once again. Those who wish to try their luck during this festive, wish you HUAT AHHH...

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