Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My niece

Friend was telling me she is bored then I replied, eh go read my blog lah. She answered she has read it. Then only I realised no new updates from me for the passed few days. Here I am to continue my story before I become busy again. 

I had fun celebrating this lunar new year for the last one whole week. My real fun days started on last Thursday and all the way till yesterday (Monday). Thanks for visiting me at home and brought me out for fun.
It's the festive that full with house visitation and makan session. 

This is a post dedicated to my niece. haha Thanks to CNY, I get to see her almost everyday and play with her. Really love few of her outfits. so cute!

 She really loves that Winnie the Pooh massage stick.
She treats it as a golf club. hahaha

 She looks at the camera! 

 This little girl got hook up by the tidbits and TV show. 
look at the way she sits, lol
maybe she was learning how to pose

This lunar new year is kind of special for her, I guess.
First time eat bak kwa.
First time eat mandarin oranges (playing with them also =.= )
First time eat those cookies
First time...many more 

Mama cooked the canned Buddha jumped over the wall but none of us knows how to appreciate the taste except her. She was so happy to have the whole bowl of soup in front of her. She smiled happily and widely after each mouth of soup. hahaha 

Yiyi wishes you grow up happily and healthily. Play more with me too! =D Love ya

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