Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Valentine

Time flies. The second month of 2013 is ending soon and tomorrow is the first day of March again. The time goes faster as I grow older?! What logic...haha

Valentine's day falls on the 5th day of lunar new year so friends decided to make a visit to my house. I said sure, come come. 

Wai Ying sponsored us this instax films. Thanks!! The desire of owning a instax camera grows stronger after it. Should I get one too?!! Might just throw it aside when I lost interest of it, add on the film is quite pricey. Dilemma.

We were done at my house then went out for coffee. Was trying to contact another friend who lives nearby the coffee house. She picked up and of course, we intruded into her house with permission. 

I really love the big mirror at her living room. Last time was shiok-shiok playing with her camera, this time shiok-shiok using her new phone to take pictures. Snap snap snap... 
There she is, Delia, the owner of the phone...a super workaholic, whatsapp me at 2am telling me that she was still at the office. Thanks for telling me and I lectured her. lol #fiercefriend.jpg 

hello hello

That's her dog named Shadow. The breed is toy poodle + mini poodle. 

I really like the ambiance of the coffee house which allows me to enjoy my time with my friends meantime enjoy a cup of coffee too.

Say cheese!!
Left to right: Delia, Wai Ying, Qi Xin and obviously, me

My day did not just end there. Went home for dinner and waited for another friend to come then off we go to his house to bai nian. After that went to town, die die found a shop to hangout because most of the shops were still closed for lunar new year holidays.

This ends my Valentine's day, fun time chatting with my friends. I really talked a lot on that day, erhem, sore-throat. haha

Okay, that is all, bye!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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