Friday, February 22, 2013

Taiwan Day 2 : Shih Fen 十分

The destination next after Jiu Fen 九份 is Shi Fen 十分
basically they are not related in terms of anything
just that the name is kind of similar

I was pretty exhausted and slept on the car 
so reluctant to get down from the car but I still did
luckily I did follow if not I won't be able to witness the beautiful scenery

I was kind of pissed off my sleep got disturbed
therefore I did not take any picture with this nice waterfall

The gents has no door. Passing by it makes me blush, haha. I don't think any guy will use the urinal right at the entrance without any covering. They will choose the urinal at the side where at least it's hidden and not so public. Luckily they give privacy to the ladies. 

There's one small coffee house alongside the staircase and we decided to have our high tea there.
Eating waffle and sipping hot tea at outdoor with the cooling weather is wonderful
having family together is perfect

 the coffeehouse's owner's cute poodle

Later on, move on to another side of Shi Fen to release the sky lantern 

It's also meant as wishing lantern whereby write your wishes on the lantern
let it go up up up to the sky and may your wish be granted 
send it nearer to the God

It was Christmas!! 
look at their drawing, so cute!! 

 spot the God of Fortune's drawing behind my mama

 the railway track is still in use for train service 
so really gotta be careful walking on it and watch out

 this hanging bridge made me @.@ 
I didn't make it to the other end of the bridge because I started to feel motion sickness
due to the swinging 

There was a group of people caroling along the track.
ahhh it was Christmas

Look at the crowd

I have no idea what does this called as but me and my bro call it 
and only us can understand it lol

the story of 'zhangzhang' comes from our childhood memory at our old house
where we get to play with lots of this at the alley at the street we lived at
my bro is always my partner in crime, haha

 Many shops selling this souvenirs 
and I am regretted that I didn't buy any to keep

 most of the people wish for good fortune
I guess 7997 must be Ronald's luck number or
maybe he constantly buy 7997 for lottery

It's shopping time after dinner
we wandering for only an hour then decided to head back to hotel
our batteries were almost flat

Last picture of me to end this Taiwan Day 2's post
bye bye

Wisdom is only found in truth

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