Sunday, February 03, 2013

Taxi, Taxi

Last night was another movie day with friends. Again, I made the wrong decision for dinner. I opt for Korean cuisine so I had to endure the barbecue smell throughout the whole movie session even though our table did not order any bbq set. As usual, the people sit behind me just love to kick my seat, why huh?! Normally I would tahan 2 or 3 kicks but if more than that, sorry hor, I have to let that person know I beh song. 

Okay okay back to topic, the movie. We went to watch the Singapore movie - Taxi, Taxi. Basically we were there to watch Dr. Jiajia. haha He is just way too cute!! Besides cute Jiajia, the movie itself is rather funny and educational too. I will share few taxi ride experiences at the end of the post, so don't click 'X' that soon. 

As the title of the movie, it's about the story of a taxi driver. Mark Lee acted as a taxi driver and also Jiajia's father whereby Gurmit Singh also acted as a taxi driver after he got laid off by the company. I love his line in the movie when he was trying to stop one of the characters from jumping from the building after turning blind. He said, for the past 20 years I was the elite of the elite but just 6 months ago I got laid off. He was a scientist in the lab then got retrenched. After that, he anyhow became a taxi driver after few attempts on other jobs or job interviews.

It shows the difficulties of most taxi drivers so the audiences will learn about it. Like one of the scenarios where the teens refused to pay the taxi fare yet threaten Ah Chua ( act by Gurmit ) to pay them. Another scenario is the communication barrier when the passenger and driver don't understand each other because of the different language spoke. That's very possible, isn't it? 

The shirt looks a little bit too big for him as if he stole it from his Big Bro's wardrobe. Don't you think so? haha 

Kee Chiew!! His famous quote I guess so. Of course, he speaks the famous Singlish in the movie with his very own style. Maybe he is too shy to act so you could see him keeps looking at the side in the movie instead of the camera.  

This is definitely one of the scenes that managed to make the whole cinema full with loud laughter. hahaha
Not gonna tell what is it if not it's not gonna be funny when you watch it. =p

The boy who always said he wanna be a Minister of Parliament so now he has a picture with Mr. Lee Hsien Loong - the Prime Minister of Singapore. It must be a pleasant meeting I guess. haha

Come have a quick view of this movie before you watch it in the cinema

Now share my experience for taxi rides. I did board taxi with very friendly drivers but of course, there are surely some horrible experience too. I remember earlier newspaper The Star had a chart for global worst taxi service and no doubt, KL or should I say Malaysia got top in rank. So far, my taxi ride in KL was still considered pleasant perhaps because we are locals. However, taxi in J.B. still don't use meter for charging the fare. There's once my friends and I hailed a taxi of course must ask for the price first, negotiated a bit then we decided to board. On board and he uses a meter then we wanted to pay the price showed on the meter RM15 but the negotiated price was RM18, he then got furious and said we agreed on RM18. wow we got a little furious 'cause felt got cheated by him. Most of the taxi drivers in Malaysia charge ridiculous price even short distant, really oh-my-god. 

There's once my sis boarded the taxi and she paid RM20 for RM18 ride but the shameless taxi driver did not return the change and buat bodoh as if people tipping him. Can you believe such people do exist? I remember there's once I bought something at RM29.90 and I paid RM30 but the cashier did not return the 10 cents change to me. I did not argue even if I did, I have the right to do so too. You might think aiya 10 cents, why you make a fuss over it? Can you imagine the boss does this to all customer, how much extra he is gonna earn? Businessmen don't lah like this, if they meet any unfriendly customer, surely the cashier gonna get it from the customer. haha

Another time I met a very weird taxi driver who speaks very sarcastically one. He said, now ahhh this time you asked me to go this way, I don't know wor, the more I stop I will be happier 'cause the fare will continue to increase. WOOOOOOW I got so angry then I asked him to drop me at in front. Trying to lecture me from the second I hopped on his cab, how to tahan?! It is also very scary to sit a taxi when the taxi driver is barely awake. My friend and I did, it scared the hell out of us. The worst taxi experience is none other but the one from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to the hotel. The traffic in Shanghai is crazy enough yet the driver was speeding as if on a F1 racing circuit. 

However, I did meet friendly and nice taxi drivers who share their experiences since they met many kinds of people daily. Sometimes can even chat with them, ok also lah. However, I normally don't chat much about myself and if bo bian, I will just tell lies. Self-defense, what to do right?! One last story to share, as usual I called the taxi driver to pick me up from the bus station back to my hostel. I was alone in the taxi then suddenly he asked me, did you know har recently got one girl got raped by a taxi driver. O.O There were like two cases that time and I knew it but why did he suddenly ask me so when only me and him in the taxi? That made me sweat coldly and kept chanting please please please reach my destination faster. It's quite dangerous to take cab alone especially female. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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