Friday, March 01, 2013

6 random things about me

''Hey, I have tagged you to do some sort of questionnaire. Please copy and answer it in your blog.'' 

It has been some time since I was asked to do something similar. Most of my friends don't own a blog (maybe they do but I don't know?!) and those who own a blog barely update their blogs. What's the reason for stop writing/updating? I did ask a few of them and the answer I always get is, lazy/no time/nothing to blog. Somehow, I am quite disappointed because I really love to read blog. It's like reading an interesting story book with words and wonderful pictures. Although I may not leave a comment telling you that I read but I did read. 

Why am I drifting so far from the topic? Perhaps I am just too happy to have a chance to talk about myself in a more proper post like this. Indeed 38 gao gao. Thanks to my roommate (once a roommate, forever a roommate), Michelle  for tagging me this. She wants to know about my 'odd' secrets despite we were 'sleep-mates' for 3 years. I somehow miss our pillow talk session, haha. 

I have a (undeniable) mature looking face which always bring embarrassment to me. When I was still in secondary school and I went for hair cut, the hair stylist would surely ask, 'eh not working?'. There's another time accompanied my sister for hair treatment and that fella asked, is this your friend? She gave me a shock face when my sister told her that I am her younger sister. Please, there are 7 years gap between us. I always say never mind, it's okay, no worries but in fact, I do mind when people telling me that I actually look very old. 

For those who are reading this, any magic treatment or advice for me? 

Good words make a person fly, bad words make a person cry, agree? Who on earth doesn't love to hear compliments from others, everyone loves it including me. However, sometimes I am afraid or reluctant to hear any compliment. Why?! Exactly, you must be asking why are you so weird? I don't know how to reply a compliment and am so afraid the good words are not sincere. 

I remember there's once I was happy that a friend saying that I am pretty, so happy that I tweeted about it (people hardly praise me, trust me). Then a friend replied my tweet (something similar because I can't remember), your friend must be something wrong. Yayaya, you may not think so but others do appreciate, so what's your problem?  

Another experience was meeting my mum's friend and she was like, you are ah wann? omg last time you were so ugly and now you look nice. Excuse me auntie, did I hear it wrongly or you did really use the word 'ugly'? I have to defend for myself here, as years go by, I really looking better now. But never did I expect the word to be used on me even though I really was. 

So each and every time if anyone praises me, deep in my heart I will be asking, do you mean it? for like a billion times. For those who mean it, thank you for your motivation and for those who don't mean it, thanks for making me happy! haha 

That was an evening back in maybe 1995 or 1996. I tagged along with my parents to the shop where they sold away our fridge. Back then the safety was much better (I believe) so I was playing at a little square with all those second-handed fridge in front of the shop. I wasn't alone because the boss' daughter around my age  at that time was there too. Ya, you know kids could play along but they do fight. haha I was pointing at our old green fridge (not even sure if that was ours) and saying, that's mine. That girl stood up and said, it's hers!! After a few times of arguing whose fridge is that, that girl showed her weapon and attacked me. Before I could come awake, there were already 2 rows of teeth bite on my stomach!! Holy mama, with my baju as tiny shield, of course I was hurt. All I did was crying out loud and my parents rushed out. 

It was really painful but think back of that incident, it's quite funny. Kids are kids, they don't think as much as adults.

I have to admit I really did MANY silly things during childhood. It was a fine sunny afternoon lying down on my parent's big bed with some RM1 coins in my hands. No more golden colour RM1 coin anymore, sad case. I was too bored and no ideas where were all my siblings then I played with the coins. Mama was in the toilet. I happily placed the coins on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Door knob turning sound, mama coming out so I turned my body with my mouth opened widely. STRIKE!! I gulped down one of the coins and it got stuck in my throat. Mama looked at me, I looked at mama. Quickly rushed to the toilet sink and coughed it out. Phew~ I survived. haha 

Parents, don't ever let your young kids play with coins or small tiny items. It's very dangerous. Of course, you don't always get stupid kids like me but better to do prevention. lol 

Dogs are cute. I mean those tiny and really cute doggies only. I have few scary experience with big fierce dogs which gonna make me remember it for whole life time. Back at the old taman we were staying, the house 2 doors next to my house was rented to a pet shop owner. They kept many dogs in the house and there's a really fierce dog that barks whenever it sees anyone. My neighbour and I were waiting for school bus at the alley next to the house with the fence having a loophole. Suddenly, the fiercest dog ran in like 300km/hr and came out from the hole. Everyone freeze including the dog. We were scared and luckily the owner came to rescue. 

Another time was next door neighbour was walking his dog (another big black fierce dog) with the rope tied on the dog's neck. I said die lah die lah, how huh? I decided to run back home. Suddenly, long honk from a car then I stopped so did the car. Another 5-10cm, I would be banged and lying flat on the road. Thank God for saving me and I am really sorry to the driver. Don't let your kids roam at the taman like I did. 

Here is another story of a siao za bo shouting out loud and nobody wishes to rescue her. It's like any normal afternoon me coming back from school and walking back home. Another neighbour, either just home or going out, with the gate opened widely so the dog came out. Wah, that fella running towards me and wanna jump on me. I shouted so loud like nobody's business then kept jumping in a circle using a plastic bag to shoo it. The heartless neighbour let me fight with the dog, after settling all her things or whatever then only she came out to call the dog. Not even an apology from her. Luckily I had P.E lesson on that day, if not I usually wont have a plastic bag on my hand. The worst part is, my mum heard my shout but all she did was opened the gate ready for my arrival, not even bother to come out and see what's happening. MY GOD!

The last story I am gonna share is the most ridiculous story among all. It was a rainy early morning then I dashed to the maid's room grabbing my uniform and quickly change it on me. I urged her to fill up my water bottle quickly, I am late and the school bus is coming, quick. She looked all puzzled. Everything done, went out to wait for the school bus outside my neighbour's house with a umbrella each on hand.Waited and waited, the rain wet me and I was really cold standing there. Why is school bus so late today? Is it because of the heavy rain? But why is neighbour not coming out also? WHY? 

Had a peek at my watch, 430am, aisey the watch is spoilt again why is it showing the wrong time to me? Waited for another 30 minutes then I gave up and decided to go back home. I looked at the clock at the living room, it's 5am then I looked at my watch again, it's 5am TOO!?! what is this? A prank to myself. I don't even know how come I came awake and mistook 330am as 545am. Then I blamed my maid for being so blur with me also. hahahahahaha That's really bad. 

So now, do you know more about me? I am more stupid than my stupid look actually. hahaha It's near to hopeless yet cureable, I guess. loll

If you are reading this and feel like writing 6 random things about yourself too, feel free. You may leave your blogpost link in the comment box and I would read. 
Hope you enjoy reading my stories. Bye!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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