Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Dinner with EC mates

38 is one of the most appropriate word to describe me. I did not study Form 6 but every year I would surely appear at their annual dinner gathering. They told me, aiya can come lah, not like we don't know each other. I got assurance that there's enough place for my butt so I went. haha 

Not a complete group photo for that night because someone was late. haha

I had my first lou sang on that night for this lunar new year. Huat ahh, may everyone is healthy and wealthy. 

The dress I wore was a gift from friends who got it for me from Bangkok. I had a hard time dealing with the dress and fans in friend's house. I have to sit still or press the dress tightly else I would be posing like Marilyn Monroe. Fly bah, my dress! haha

Then...we wrote our wishes on this red sky lantern. 

They anyhow formed a heart shape, don't you think so?

Half of them are my secondary schoolmates and the other 5 I knew via them, partly because I very thick skin always appearing at their gathering. 2 out of the 5 anyhow became my Uni-mate and we meet quite frequent. 

My 38-ness don't always help me to make friends because some just don't want to make friends with me. Luckily they are equally 38, errr I mean they are friendly and nice..lol 

Fly up high and send our wishes up up high

The ladies in glasses

I am getting lazier and lazier to bring Blackstone out so all photo credit to Yek Fah and Yean Ruey. 

It was the 6th day of LNY and the tiredness due from the Valentine's day was still in effect. Before the dinner, I had hours of talking and 38-ing with friend in my house. Seriously, if we have things to talk even if only you just and me, no joke we can talk non-stop. What I hated most is me talking in the car and nobody replies me then it goes silent. Funny huh, you people?! 

Once told my friend, can you imagine me telling story and I laugh then nobody gives me any respond and the atmosphere becomes so awkward? Maybe I should learn not to talk so much instead? haha Think so too.

Last Saturday was Chingay in Johor Bahru, one of the biggest annual events for JB Chinese. It has been 10 years and above I did not go down to town to enjoy the parade. This time I enjoyed all of the presentations. There's one ambulance coming but the spectators did not give way and the driver was scaring the side of spectators by driving towards them. Those standing at the first row are mostly little children yet the inconsiderate ambulance driver dare to do this. Sorry, I mean regardless who were there, he shouldn't do this. 

We understand his job is to send the patient in the ambulance to the hospital as soon as possible but he shouldn't do what he did to complete his job. Trying to use few life to save a life? Must be crazy.  

Wisdom is only found in truth

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