Monday, March 11, 2013

My answers

'' Ladies and gentleman, I would like to thank all of you who give me the support to continue blogging and writing interesting stories to share with you. Thanks papa and mama. ''

Is that too exaggerating when all I got is just a liebster blog award? Yes..No? 

Thought that I would never have a chance to stand on the stage to receive any award regarding my blog, let alone speaking my appreciation on the stage so might as well speak it now. haha Kamsahamida to Michelle who awarded my blog ''Liebster Blog Award''. Was thinking what is liebster? Has it got to do with lie or liar or something close? Then I read through the lines in Michelle's blog, ahhhh dearest huh? So shy. lol 

The award comes with condition that I have to answer a couple of questions on my blog. Another post to let you to know more about me. (You might be thinking *smirk* who cares?! haha) If I want to nominate anyone, similarly I have to ask 11 questions to the nominees. That's pretty interesting, because who can I nominate? hahaha 

Gonna follow the sequence listed by her. So let's start. 

1.  Look at who you were 5 years back and compare them to the current you.  Did you change a lot or you stay the same?

Seriously, the current me is much wiser than who I was in 5 years back. I was still in my pre-u studies 5 years ago and now I have achieved my degree from the university. Much wiser in terms of not only academic knowledge but also communication skills, living skills and also knowledge that I have gained in my daily life. I did travel within these 5 years to enlarge my perspective and learn more about the culture of the locals. The events I went through developed a better me and of course, a stronger me.

Besides the inner me changes, my appearance has some (huge) changes. I wear contact lenses and make-up for outings. I tend to take care of my appearance more now compared to last time. If you think I look terrible now, trust me, last time even worse. haha 

2.  Have you made any major decisions that changed the path of your life so far?

Tried to squeeze a lot of brain juice to answer this question but can't really think of what have I done in the past. Sound so weak. If only I really have to answer this question, it is definitely the decision I have made for my major course in the university. I was so lost not knowing what should I study despite my parents had already decided for me. Before submitting the form for final decision, I did ask a few seniors for suggestions and advice. Obviously, I stick to the plan by my parents and also what most of my pre-u classmates had picked too. I know I have been complaining a lot and not knowing if I really regret about it but guess I will be in this field till the day retirement is here. Anyhow the final decision actually lied on me and I made this choice so shall no regret then.

3.  When and why did you started blogging?

I started blogging back in 2004 when I could write in the small space in Friendster. It was a hipster thingy those days. My sister showed to me her housemate's blog in Xanga and for being too free, I created one too. 2006 or 2007 I created another blog at Taiwan page, if you know. I used to blog in either English or Chinese in my blog. May 2008 I created this blog and settled down here (sound weird). 

Initially, I started a blog is to write my feelings (even now also) of the day, vent my anger, tell my own grandmother's stories regardless happy or sad. I treat it like a diary which I could record the daily events with the photos captured, I find it very fun and fresh to do it this way. Photos are more convincing and people love to see only photos. Typing is easier than writing therefore I find blogging is nicer. I did not disclose this blog address to anyone until don't know how did others learn about it. 

I really do enjoy reading blogs, that's why I love to blog or vice versa. Writing and reading are two different things but I think they link and the passion is there. 

4.  What's your dream and are you going towards that direction each year or do you think you are going further away from it?  Or are you already living your dream?

My dream is to travel around the world and take many photos. It sound so normal and common yet it's not easy to achieve. However, I am slowly leaving footprints in the countries and gonna visit more cities in the future, hopefully. Traveling is tiring but it's so fun. 

If only I have the whole universe's money to let me spend for trips without working. Fat hope!! 

5.  Do you believe in Love or Soul mates?

Soul mates. Need not be couples, friends who are really good with you and understand you can be soul mates too. My definition for soul mate is, a person who has so many similarities with you and you guys share most of the interests or hobbies but remain as very good friends. Of course, soul mate can turn into couples eventually, it's up to everyone's choice. Marrying your soul mate is like marrying another you in the same dimension, no?! 

6.  If you could become an actor/actress, singer or artist, which would you choose to become?

Actress. I am not sure if I can act but I think acting is fun. Script is given and have to play as somebody else according to the character in the script. It's fun to act as a person who is not myself so I could experience a temporary different life of another lady. Another cheeky reason is I get to change my boyfriend or husband in different script. hahahaha 

7.  Which part of your body do you like most?

Alright guys, it's self appreciation moment. I guess it has to be my hands. They are normal or slimmer compared to my legs or tummy or whatever that collected tons of fats on it. =.=

8.  If you are able to choose, would you choose to be a single child or have siblings?

Just discussed about it with my friend not long ago, if I am given the choice, I would still pick to have siblings. It's so fun to have siblings around you when it comes to family gathering or sharing. Without siblings, who should I fight with? haha It's so lonesome to fight with me in the mirror. So not fun. 

9.  Ironman, Batman, Superman or Spiderman?

Ironman, hello Tony Stark. 

10.  The Moon or the Sun?


11.  Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin?

Oh please, of course I would be in the same house with Harry Potter. Gryffindor please. =)

Aha finally 11 questions are answered. Phew~~ 

Now I have few nominees in my list. Not even sure if they are willing to answer. lol


Hey girls you are nominated!! Take your time to answer the following 11 questions on your blog. hehe

  1. Do you think female and male can be just friend and not anything more than that?
  2. Which song best describe you and why?
  3. If you are fully sponsored for plastic surgery, will you go for it? State your reason. 
  4. Should ladies have independent financial ability rather than depending on spouse?
  5. If you are given a second chance, do you want to be male or female? Why?
  6. Will you go for a bungee jump or skywalking or skydiving?
  7. How much does a family need to cover its daily expenses?
  8. Can you cook?
  9. Who do you admire the most? Why?
  10. Which country do you wish to visit the most? Have you been there?
  11. Have you ever imagine any snowing scene on the street in Malaysia? 

Took me some efforts to think of what to question. I am anticipating for your answers. haha 
Those who would love to try out, you may answer these questions in your blog too as you wish =D 
Remember to leave your blog link to me so I can read!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth


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