Friday, March 15, 2013

Pretty ladies

Can't think of what to name this post, hopefully this title is not offensive! lol We are taught to be confident therefore it is legal to name it this way. XD

Sometimes I am wondering if I am being too high profile for writing personal stuffs here and posting the pictures here. But come to think of it, if I don't want to let anyone knows about it, I won't write a single dot about it here. haha Who cares?! There's nothing I am trying to hide it from others, please read. =D 

Okay, this is gonna be the last post about the LNY. Woohoo finally!! Appreciate friend's initiative in gathering everyone to come for the LNY annual gathering. It's the second year to have this big gathering with the ladies. The people matter the most, not the venue nor the food, haha. 

This year we had our lunch at Jeju Korean restaurant. I have to say, the boss is really very generous in serving the side dishes. From this end to the other end, there are proximate 50+ plates of it. Most importantly, we could refill it again and again. How not to love having meal at Korean restaurant even though the food is slightly pricey. 

Photos captured are meant to show so be prepared with the photo spam!! The photos taken on that day are very nice so not going to be stingy and selfish to show. Here we go. 

We were from a girls' school so it's normal to see all ladies only. There's a Chinese proverb says, 3 females equal to one market, so can you imagine how we bombard the restaurant with our voice (noise)? See the 3 of us (me and the two next to me), we had our little secret in taking this group photo. We were imagining all of the others are our fans who came to our showcase or something. HAHAHAHA madness!!

We were the first to reach, so luck to have this background for our photography session. Maybe I should do this to one of the walls in my room? Then everyday selca in front of the wall, endlessly.  

Hey where are you girls in the same tone? Why I am not in? haha

Later on I joined too. die die wanna fit in. Hello babes!!
Adrenaline rush. I wanna own a instax camera too but...

This is the cover photo of our personal facebook account. These 3 ladies were so crazy in 'those days'. I joined them for the add maths tuition even though I have mine on different day. We went to the same BM tuition class but most of the time, busy doing some other things in the class. The days when we rushed for classes... 
710 - 711 fate brought us together...sounds so wrong but that's so true. Think back on how we met or recognized always make us laugh.  

Imitating the poses of the singers in the poster. Come on, girls!! haha

Most of the photos are credited to her!! Corona =D 

This is the favourite photo of the day. So love. It is a bit stressful to have ladies gathering because everyone is so pretty and putting effort to doll up themselves for the day. Me without the fashion sense anyhow chose black and white, at least it won't go wrong. 

Everyone has their own style and own beauty. Copied from Corona's blog and modified it myself, less than half of the ladies are single and available, anyone is keen in knowing new friends? 
*sounded like line from match making poster*

Since it's the last post for lunar new year so let me post a picture with a few ang pau to end this post. Gong xi fa cai once again!! Can I know what normally did you do to the red packets after removing the money in it?

Photo quality differs due to different devices used's normal. 

Best part of writing is to imagine there is a reader and you are telling story to that imaginary reader regardless how many as long as we imagine there is someone.
To the secretive you in front of the screen now, bye bye!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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