Saturday, March 30, 2013

Roost salad bar @ Jalan Dhoby

It's my dearest mama's birthday. Happy birthday to mama =D However, this post is not about her birthday but my friend's birthday. boooo~~ 

Just got the photos for Ying's birthday few days ago so shall blog a little about it now. 

We let the birthday girl to pick a restaurant that she likes to dine in for the little birthday celebration dinner. We were seated at a corner which is just nice for us to make some noise without disturbing others. TGIF crew is forever so sporting and friendly, at least from my past dining experience. So aha, my friend is like making friend with the crew, bye bye after the photo captured. lol

Hey what's wrong with the peace sign huh when everyone else is not posing? =.=  Okay, I am kind of spoil the whole picture.

But it's okay, now I have my peers to do the same thing. haha Now everyone looks cheerful and nice right? Y^_^Y

Makan session with friends never fail to find a little corner for tea session or dessert after main course. Finally I get to visit the newly opened (since last year) Roost cafe salad bar, next few doors to Roost cafe juice + bar. Was first time there so didn't know we have to order our drinks at the counter before going up to look for seats. 

I love the design of the counter. It looks like a coffee house at a cottage where everything is made of wood and they have country song as background music. Helps in relaxing mind. 

I think friend fell in love with the vintage decoration of the interior so she just got excited to pose for more pictures. We have photographer and model of the night, the remaining did enjoy as audience. Didn't know a photography session can be so interesting and fun! haha Everything was impromptu. 

That's a personalised photo book as birthday present for my friend. It combined few events' photos from last year to this LNY 2013. I am that kind of person who loves to give this kind of personalised thingy to friends but most of the time I did it very badly. You can see me from the left bottom picture, I was actually a bit worried yet curious how would she reacts to the present. Even though I was worried still I insisted to ask her open it in front of me. Funny me. 

I was really careful in picking the photos from so many because we only love to see photos that we look good in. haha That's human beings. Luckily she loves the photo book so phew~

We 3 ladies just couldn't resist posing in front of the camera so ended we have many photos on that night. I like to collect photos from every outing, keep them as memory and one day I might need it to make something like photo book for myself or others, who knows right? Make a photo book is more meaningful compared to develop individual photo.

Vain photo is something like this. This is that kind of photos that the subject doesn't look good in the picture. (e.g. Me =.= )

1 camera but 2 photographers therefore these are captured. What do you think of it? Any emo feeling? lol 

We went back to Roost salad bar again 2 weeks later. Friend asked us out to distribute souvenirs bought so another reason to gather. This time not much photography session but 38-ing. 

My favourite Earl Grey tea without any sugar or milk. I just love it to be pure. 

 This is the smoking area and beside the basin is the washroom. 
Look at the high chairs, in front of it is a glass which means everything is transparent. Females who are wearing dress or skirt better don't sit there with legs open widely, it's gonna be free show to whoever walking pass down there. haha 
I like the furniture that it places in the cafe. Everything is made by recycled items even the lamp (no picture to show). I love how they could make the place so cozy and nice. 

I really really love the book shelf on the wall. It's fun to have your books keep on the rack yet it is another kind of decoration. Very cool. 

Did this panorama shot using phone photography application. Boleh tahan lah hor?

So this is the cafe at Jalan Dhoby, very near to City Square shopping mall and JB Central (Custom).

Back to nicer pictures of us before I end this post. 

If you could tell, most of us were in red series without pakat in advance except one. hahaha The second visit, 2 in black 2 in white and again, one is unique in green. Scroll back and you shall know who. =p

Spot one of their crews who came into the screen accidentally. Their crews are quite stylo, yoyo style. lol

Okay that's the end of this post. For long time I did not do collage for outings' photos because I was too lazy but this time I decided to group some together so this post won't be too long. Hope you enjoy reading it!! 

Have a nice day. Bye!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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