Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wulai 烏來 Taipei

Big sun during mid-noon, sky starts getting cloudy then heavy downpour and Mr. Sun appears again to say hello. He is kind of playing hide-and-seek with us, wanna dry your clothes better be quick and alert. That's the recent weather over here, too unfriendly. Turning on air-con is like burning a hole in your pocket, alamak. 

Now I start to miss the cooling wind back in Taiwan. Shall blog a little part of the trip again meanwhile a break from answering academic questions that almost drive me insane. 

A random shot of the street when we went for breakfast that morning. This is Ximending. 

An hour car ride and we arrived at Wulai, another small town of Taipei which is full with the culture of the aborigines and also famous for its hot springs. 

We got a little hyper when we see all these stalls like this. Taiwan's aborigines are famous for their rice wine so we tried a little. Nice leh, the fruit wine really has the aroma of fruit, not bad. We bought one bottle. 

Jie jie is very happy with the mochi she bought. Fruit flavours too...chewy..doi doi doi
This stall is selling cold hard boiled hot spring eggs. I think I had a bite or maybe I didn't.

Walked into one cafe to enjoy our morning tea break. That's my cup of coffee to keep me awake. I am a caffeine addict but a mild one though. 

This the view from the cafe. We could see people bathing at this riverside. Not sure if the water is warm.

The jacket is a little too thick to be worn on this weather. Quite warm.
Japanese style barbecue rice cake with teriyaki sauce and seaweed power as dressing. This is way too soft and bland. Imagine you eat mochi without the blended peanuts + sugar and it's in a stick like this. Almost choke. Seriously, not a fan for this snack. 

The end for Wulai and also for this post. Bye bye. 

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