Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun in Legoland

Planned for a one day trip in Legoland for a while and finally there's a Sunday when everyone is available, no errands. It isn't my first post about Legoland but still I wanna blog about it. This post is FULL with our photos, lots of our photos. Was praying hard for a sunny day and god heard my prayers therefore we had fun.

Grand arrival of 2 friends with no one besides them. =p
There's a friend commented on this photo and said 'she' doesn't look like me. This is not the first picture that friends said don't look like me whereby they are all me. I look at the pictures they commented on, they do look like me mah. Probably because I hardly take pictures of my left profile. 

Okay lah, another reason should be friend (I think he did) edited away the pimples and scars on my face. I looked at the unedited photo, he did nothing on my nose tip. LOL Seriously feel like going for a plastic surgery on my nose @.@

Without this, I won't be so free to enter Legoland so many times as if I am a very influential shareholder of the park. 

The fella looked at my picture on the card and me for a few times, I nearly ask, kenapa? tak macam I kah? Just like how I always ask the officers at the custom when I cross the border. haha Too daring!

We have many this kind of close up photos and I only picked one of mine to show. I don't dare to show my friends' later kena slap. 

Played a few rides and decided to hide inside the air-conditioned room at this Lego academy. Initially we were only there for the cooling air-con but ended up really building something with the Lego bricks. Check out our creations and you might be amazed. haha

We were all busy digging wanted colour-bricks from the containers. Reminiscing our fond childhood memory, it was fun. It needs a little imagination to see what had I built, friends' creations has resemblances on what they wanted to build.

Can you see the first from the left is a dog and the first fron the right is a stalk of flower? I made them =.=

I made that tak macam de funny giraffe and very long castle entrance. How do you like our creations?

Heehee, busy taking pictures of our creations so could show it to others. Don't let our efforts gone to waste.

Aha...finally the photographer appears in this blogpost. If not you might think there're only 3 of us went to the Legoland nia. 

Went out for late lunch (told you I never ever wanna dine at the restaurants in the park) and took all these shots at the entrance. It was slightly drizzling therefore we had the whole space to ourselves. haha

Other rides were fast except this train tour queue was loooooooooong. I thought I gonna fall sleep any second. Each ride is about 15 mins, imagine we waited for 3 rides and ours was the 4th ride.  

Okay this is the end of Legoland. Nothing much to caption but to show you the photos that we took on that day. A very tiring day. 

Drove over to Puteri Harbour, wanted to enter the merchandise store to have a look but too bad, it was closing so nobody is to enter the shop anymore. Shall be there earlier next time. 
We ended up sitting at outdoor enjoying the view of yacht queuing in a row, watching dating couples and families and also newly wed couples there for their wedding shoots. 

There's one couple really made me speechless with their expressions for the wedding shoot. Are you sure you gonna show that face and keep the photos for life? The poses they used made us doubt on the photography team as well. haha 

Requested to have our dinner at the newly opened Korean cuisine restaurant at Bukit Indah. Finally DaoRae opens a branch nearby JB, have been waited for tooo looooooong for it. Love to dine at DaoRae back in Malacca. hehe

The very friendly Korean boss asked us to take a picture of this poster at the staircase. This was signed by PSY when he went to the branch at Penang. Yeah, every Malaysian knew why did Psy go to Penang and who was the organiser. 

Pretty much for this post. Indeed a very long post with many many many photos. Too lazy to make a collage so have to give up some photos and pick the best to show. 
I welcome everyone to visit Johor Bahru, it's not that scary but I have to warn you to be careful. =D 
Have fun!

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