Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taiwan Story House @ Taipei

Now, it comes to the second destination of the third day of my Taipei trip back in Dec 2012. I know 3 months passed and I am still stuck at 3rd day only. Just very refuse to blog one day in a post because I have so many photos to put it up here. I check my old blog archive, wow I actually wrote 15-20 posts per month  (fantastic) which is like every 2 days I have new post but as years go by, I don't blog that much anymore. Have learnt to whine lesser here perhaps. 

Taiwan story house was the next stop after Wulai. Was drizzling so bought entrance ticket and quickly went into the museum. It tells story with a theme and change it from time from time. This time is about dessert, be it the Chinese traditional dessert or the Western.

I know the headed-cherries look rather creepy especially in this bright red colour. hahahaha But it's art. 

Molds that were used to make kuih-muih last time.

An old man mobile selling the kuihs. This reminds me of an old uncle who was also selling maltose candies, carrying a straw bag full with candies and walking from houses to house, streets to streets. He will ring a bell whenever he comes so we little kids could get ready with our coins. My bro and I always got excited to hear that sound then start digging the pocket money that we save for this. If we were at upstairs, we would shout 'WAIT!!!!' out of the window, very loud so he could hear us. 20cents for thinner one and 30 cents for bigger one. Spent RM1 each to buy from him. 

After a few years, he never come again. We all know why. Those selling in the market can't compared with the old good taste. I miss that sweet taste and I could pull and twist the candy very looooooooong. Good old days are so good yet so far.

Pick a lot and see you are which dessert. hahaha

Haiyo those clay arts really very beautiful leh. They are really good in it.

Before the exit, they have a small area selling the souvenirs.

They are so cute and how much I wish to bring one of them back home but...quite pricey so just forget about it.

I like this picture that I took. Sunshine beams into the building and shine on all these wooden stuff makes everything so artistic. hahaha My own definition.

What theme will it be in my next visit? I love all the display but was too lazy to read all those words. 
That's all for this post. Having headache recently, mood to do anything~ 
Okay lah, stop here!! Bye~

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