Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Croods

I watched 'Lilo&Stitch' and 'How to train your dragon', and I love them. The Croods is directed by the same  co-director of these two animated movie. Read about many good comments about the movie so I was really looking forward to watch the movie. wheee~ 

The Croods lives in a cave and never ever once leave far from their home. One day, their home just collapsed so they were forced to leave and start searching for new house. Their food hunt scene is really epic!! The baby sister is so epic funny with the dog-alike sound and expression. 

Eep is curious about the outside world so she is really excited for their adventure. The granny is another super funny character. The family throws the granny as dice to make a decision. wow It does not happen in real life so people, don't ever do that to your granny. lol

Croods' bath is to just whack off the dust or flea on the body. Very cave man style!! 

Ta-da! Very cute creature as Belt. 

That's Guy (his name) who pets Belt. He lost his parents and starts to walk into the sun himself. He met Croods and fell in love with Eep. Yeah, so much like a fairy tale.

Guy is a person who has lots of idea. He helps the Croods to overcome the challenges. 
Starry starry night. I love this scene much. 

The graphic is nice too. I like all the details presented in the movie. They make the world looks so colourful and wonderful. haha 

I decided to write about this movie not only because it is nice but also the fatherly love touched me. The father in the movie, Grug is too protective of the family and he wants them to listen him all time. Their daily routine is always the same and he would tell any story to the family just to stop them from stepping out of the cave. When Guy appears, the family starts to whine that the father is boring and idea-less.

It actually happens in every family I suppose. Father always plan the best for us but we might not appreciate what he has planned. For everything papa does is for our interest, sometimes we just don't understand his good intention. Like to complain papa is being old-fashioned but he is just worrying for us and wishing us to take the safest way. 

The part where Grug uses his strength to throw everyone to the opposite land made me having teary eyes. Ahhh I should grab the chance to say 'Papa I love you' before it's too late. So do you. 
Another lesson learnt from the movie is gotta be all ready for any changes ahead. Don't be afraid to make changes, who knows it is better than before, right?

Papa and mama are my greatest treasures in this world. Love them most!!  

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