Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Carffee cafe @ Taman Molek

Break time after a long tiring day!

I was just randomly chatting with Theresa then talked about exam, not easy very stressful. So she dated me out for dinner on a Friday night, most importantly she let me picked the restaurant I wanna dine at. wooow 

There's a reason why I wanna visit the restaurant. Previously she posted a photo at her Instagram then she said one day we could go there together for coffee. After that, on the polling day since queuing for an hour nothing to talk, we were busying catching up with each other so I mentioned this. So this was the place she went to!! 

The other day I happened to browse the internet and found a blogpost introducing this restaurant. The photos are quite nice so I was tempted.  

My hazelnut caffe latte not bad, I really like coffee with hazelnut, very fragrant!!

Theresa's cappuccino. How come no complementary biscuits? aiyayaya

My eyes look like as if I cried for the whole night and they got so swollen. But, I didn't!!

She is Theresa! My primary schoolmate who was in the same uniform body with me but we didn't really know each other last time until we were classmates in Form 1.

I rant about I couldn't get the Ronald attire Hello Kitty on just second day of its release so after dinner she brought me over to the nearest McD to try our luck see if they still have it. THEY HAVE IT SO I BOUGHT IT!! T___________T

Bought it without buying a set meal. I have gave the kitty to my niece as her birthday present. hahaha
Cheapskate auntie! But don't look down on it hor, like what Theresa told me, where else could you get the original official Sanrio Hello Kitty limited edition at such price? Make sense.

Ta-daa that's the world map behind us. Initially we picked this table but desperate for air-con so went indoor, who knows they seem like just switched on the moment we walked in. Too humid so we moved back to this initial table. 

The signature dish - chicken chop with few sauces for you to choose and either mashed potato or fried rice.

This is mine. Italian spaghetti smoked duck with green sauce, oh dear I love the sauce. There are 6 slices of duck meat topping but there are diced duck meat in between the spaghetti as well.
RM14.90 for this, I find it reasonable because I think it's nice.

It's at 1st floor so don't go to the wrong place. The shop below it is a bistro. 

The lamp which carries the shape of a pineapple. Don't you think so?? Quite nice for the pattern of a lantern too.

I took out my camera and took photos then the lady right far opposite me kept looking at us. Then I don't care lah, we just continue to take pictures and treat others as transparent. I thought now it's very common to see people taking pictures of food or whatever?! 

Thanks to the waiter for helping us to take this photo =D

Remember I said I browsed a blog? The blogger said he tasted the best in town tiramisu at this restaurant so I was dying to try it. Didn't get to try it that night because we were changing to another place to meet friends to yum cha for second round. A few days later I was happened to be that area so I went there again with two friends.

Speaking of tiramisu, immediately this comes into my mind. Typical look of a tiramisu, layers of cakes with cream, very moisten. 

I was also expecting the presentation of tiramisu would be this beautiful. And look at the size of the tiramisu. 

Or tiramisu that look like this Tiramisu hero (Photo adapted from Tiramisu Hero's website )

Busy chatting and...
the tiramisu came. Seriously if you blind-folded me, I wouldn't be able to guess it as tiramisu because i barely taste any cake, all cream only and it tastes just like milk powder, no any taste of alcohol like what tiramisu should. I almost fainted. 

The blogger's preference is far so different from us. So now I know, it's okay to read a food blog introduction but take it at a pinch of salt. Disappointment. 

Also from the blog I get to know the pancake. One thing, the menu doesn't provide any picture, so you place your order based on your imagination. lol

The presentation is nice but it tasted just normal. Not sure if that whip cream, why it melted so fast? It's like so watery and doesn't have the bouncy foam texture.

This time I wanted to try some other coffee with a thumbs up beside the name so I ordered their banana caffe latte this time. Damn excited and expecting the coffee with banana aroma. For example, if mama is baking a banana cake, you will smell it even without stepping into the kitchen. 

The coffee came and I doubt on it. Is it the right serving? I can't taste any banana smell instead that cup of coffee tasted just like Ah Huat white coffee =.= even my friend agreed with me. 
Ahhhhh...my high tea wasn't a successful one!! sad

So this is us who went for the high tea. 

I think their specialty should be their main course so whoever wish to try just go. Dessert wise, perhaps it depends on individual taste buds. lol Seriously I am not sure who like it and who don't but I don't like it. That's my feedback since they don't provide any feedback form for the customer to comment on their service. 

Their spaghetti is worth trying but REMEMBER take my words at a pinch of salt too. hahaha
*what I like, you might not like it*

Ciao. back to mugging on my notes and books. 
Wish me good luck please =D thanks

Wisdom is only found in truth

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