Saturday, May 11, 2013

Moshi moshi

To be honest, I passed by the shop so many times and looked at the signboard so many times, the only thing attracted me was the name - moshi moshi. lol And maybe the 4 pictures of the owners where I think one of them does look like Jack Neo. I never know what are they selling by simply judging the signboard, I mean I can't tell their kind of business. 

One day, my friend showed to me JohorKaki's blogpost on this shop and I read. We were actually discussing for our chit-chat place and decided this. Reached the shop and looked in, aiyer no single customer, how ah, nice or not? Don't care lah, after all we just wanna find a place to sit down and to talk. 

Matcha sorbet with black sesame ice-cream, cincau, pearls and red beans topping. Price at RM8.90 and I find it reasonable. The ice isn't just plain ice but green tea sorbet so it's not tasteless. One thing I love about it is the super strong taste black sesame ice-cream. haha 

I find it too jelak to finish it alone, or maybe that day I was just too happy to talk to my friend then wasn't in the mood to finish it. Maybe.

Peanut ice-cream sorbet. Two small taro balls with many many red beans. The peanut flavoured ice-cream is nice too.

My friend or my twin, Corona. Okay lah, I know we don't look alike but there's once a person asked if we are twins and we laughed out loudly. Obviously we don't resemble each other (she will be sad) but maybe we have same patterns. haha 

There are some other people commented me and other friends look alike in pictures. Well, we are friends, sometimes we just have to pose the same and look-alike-but-not-alike. haha

Fail pose, never mind!! face has a very very funny shape in this picture!! O.O

We were there for almost 2.5hours and only 2 families came and go. Then we were puzzling how come so when the desserts offered here have some differences compared to the others. They serve variety of beverages also. We somehow concluded maybe because people do not know what are they selling (like I did) and never tried no confidence on the products. 

Next few doors to it is Chatime, big competitor, briefly explain why also. They should do promotions so people would know more about the business. Marketing marketing...e.g. Groupon

With the example, I thought I am writing any essay for business analysis or business strategies. Ok shall stop it here. annyeong~!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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