Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taipei last day

Yeah yeah, it's Taipei post again. I am actually enjoying typing the post about the trip, recalling the memories make me smile. Don't really spend much time with the whole family let alone going for a trip with no absentee (ok lah, there are absentees, BIL and bff). 

Now bringing you to see flowersssss...

First gotta go thru this underpass from the outside of Taiwan Story House then come out from the other end (obviously)

Very wide road.

There's a police station with their patrol vehicles parking outside. Very suagu like that wanna take picture with it, and to be honest, it's quite thrilling to take picture there because every movement is under their surveillance. Who knows the policemen who were watching the at the cctv beh tahan to see suagu, no idea why did those suagus wanna take picture with their bikes.

That's not the most malu thing I did on that day. Another most malu thing followed after this. 

Anyone who knows me well surely know I just love Rainie Yang. I wanted to tell my sis hey look at the bus it's Rainie, therefore I shouted (she was quite far from me) hey yang cheng lin...yang cheng lin. My sis didn't hear me but the guy in blue jacket on the bike next to bus heard me and turned to look at me @.@
Then my mum walking behind me asked, where where? on the bus har? I said yaya, but it's only advertisement lah. 

It's an outdoor flower exhibition and not sure if there's a certain period for it. I don't even know why did I pose a thumb's up posture in this picture. My sister said, ni hen hiao leh. Sweat.

Smile smile...I really have to say the weather was really really good and the lighting was really really good too, good for photography!! yeah~

My head looks extremely big here but it's okay, the limelight are those beautiful sunflowers. I really wish to have a garden of them at my house. 
Mr. Sun was on duty so we removed the jacket, we felt warm but all other tourists stared at us with big eyes. One of them asked, don't you feel cold? Seriously, it was just like at genting but slightly windy. The weather was a little unpredictable if not I won't be wearing that thick winter jacket. 

Shouldn't had paired the leggings with the shoes but like I said, the weather was unpredictable like that, slight different from the weather forecast so wore it to slightly keep me warm lah.

The funniest shot of the day. Too bad, I was wearing dress, inconvenient to join the jumping shot so I took this low quality photo for my sis. hahahaha

Too hungry so simply hopped into one of them to feed our stomachs. The mee quite nice leh...I love it!

I just love their 7-eleven with variety of beverages to choose. The choices in Malaysia are really too limited.

Then then then...we moved on to Tamsui old street.

20 degree Celsius is like nothing right?  The wind blew at me and I shivered. Earlier was quite warm so I was lazy to carry my jacket with me and left it in the car. Walked a few steps then I regretted but it was too late. I allowed the wind to torture me for 2 hours. Not that miserable compared to Pi. =p

Day 4, decided to empty the day for shopping spree at Ximending. Luckily we did not plan any sightseeing on this day, Ximending is completely a shopping heaven like that.

The sushi on the conveyor belt are all priced at NT30 only. The sushi are really big and nice and cheap, compared to the ones we have it in Malaysia. 3 tamago sushi with really big and thick sliced egg rolls. Life is fabulous. 

Winter so don't have much things to buy except shoes. We gone crazy in their shoes shop because nice looking, nice to wear and cheaper than in Malaysia. The shoes are made in Taiwan so the numbering of the size is different.

Suddenly so glad that I am not a person who goes after brand but just love buying things I love at cheap prices. Like the things and it's not expensive, can liao lor... On the other hand, everyone has different requirements for the same purpose. 

There's a stall selling this famous fried chicken chop so we tried it. The picture above was our second buy already, die die wanna eat once more before we fly back home. The bubble milk tea stall was right at the entrance/exit of the lift to the hotel too. 

A mouthful of flavoury fried chicken chop and a mouthful of milk tea with bouncy black pearls, lie down on the bed watching the Taiwanese variety show, FANTASTIC!!! #satisfaction

Finally coming to the end of the trip. That's the driver uncle who drove us around for the past few days. Now you know why they always make fun of my height.

Not a fan of this cutie Hello Kitty but still can't resist to take a picture in this self check in room by Eva airlines. haha

There's a film shooting going on at the airport. Flight delayed mah then really beh tahan wanna go buy food then we walked to the other side, who knows on the way back to the boarding gate, they were occupying the whole corridor. Luckily we met a friendly ground staff to lead the way. Didn't get to buy any food.

Super cold in airport and look at my attire!! I am very bad in planning appropriate attire for the day/trip. fail!
Here comes our big yella fella. Flying journey was 5 hours. The first thing I looked for after clearance was FOOD. Was searching for sweets at the clearance counter but no sight of them. Dinner at almost 11pm, was too hungry and started feeling giddy already. Next time if really tak makan lunch, must buy a set of meal on the plane or at least prepare some snacks. Lesson learnt.

Woohoo done posting about my maiden Taiwan trip. It was a really awesome and relaxing trip with family. Hoping for more good trips with them in the future.oh yeah!!

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