Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why why whine #1

Quote from Jessica - blog also same like study, when the mood comes then can write, when no mood facing whole day also cant write a single word lol

Yeah since I have something to blog shall quickly write it down before they are gone. Look at the title, there are a few funny facts that I would like to whine. haha I am pretty sure it did happen on most of you but sometimes you just don't know why you done so. 

Scenario 1
Knock at the locked toilet door. 
A: Hey who's inside?
B: Me lah
A: What are you doing inside?
B: What else can I do in a toilet? 

Seriously, what can a person do in a toilet besides the toileting business, showering and washing clothes. I understand some people just love to bring in some reading materials while answering their daily nature call therefore they might spend more time in it and make you wonder what is he/she doing. 

It's a very silly question but still I love to ask this. hahaha I just couldn't help it when I have to find the person and he/she happens to be in the toilet without any water sound. 

Scenario 2
Use the index finger and point at B, shouted
A: OH-MY-GOD, You just farted? Are you kidding me?
B: ...

I happened to witness this group of people at one of the Mcdonald's restaurants where the guy pointed at his friend and shouted those words. You see ah, everyone farts but still when anyone else fart we surely gonna make the sound EWWWWWWWWWW so loudly and squeeze the face all together, causing embarrassment to the one who fart.

It's gross when uninvited smelly gas just penetrate into the air and everyone in the same room has to endure it. But, when can a person break the wind? For example if it's in a meeting room and someone just did so, should that someone raise the hand and say his apology with apologetic face or treat it as nothing happens? Things are really difficult sometimes. 
You are alone in the lift and 1 more floor then you will reach the level you are going to. Now you just have the urge to fart and you think, ya it's okay since it's only me. Ding! 1 more level but the lift just stopped at 2nd floor and a person walked in. The few seconds of going down 1 level feel like a few thousand years. haha

Scenario 3
Waiting and queuing for public toilet
A: haiyo what is the person doing inside? so slow
Finally B walks out and A enters.
A: My god! The previous person just pooed, so smelly...*tahan breathe*

Like I mentioned earlier, nothing much we can do in the small cubicle and there's nothing wrong to poo at toilet what. Similarly, there's surely at least once a person happens to suffer stomach upset and need to settle at the public toilet. It's not like you worry for the next person after you so you rather go back home and stuck in the jam, ended up you poo in the car. 

It's very stressful when there's a long queue in the toilet. You feel like doing big business but it's not like you gonna answer the call so soon meanwhile you are afraid to keep people waiting or the person waiting outside is having 'emergency' then keep knocking on your door. 

Scenario 4
Feel relieved after answering the nature call then walking towards the sink. 
Shock!! Ah boy, so big liao why you still follow your mama to the ladies?? Not like he's gonna do bad things but it's not a good thing after all. However, it's understandable that the safety of the kid is the mum's prior concern and it's so dangerous to let a kid alone. A child can be abducted at any age so boy boy above what age should be prohibited to enter the ladies? *when mum brings the son out for shopping alone*

How many of you would let a person go first if she approached you and said, she really cannot tahan already? For example, the person actually missed the turn into the previous R&R along the highway and the distance between the 2 places are quite far. She endured so long but found out long queue in the toilet. Bladder gonna burst soon. However you know, you won't give her the chance to tell this story to you and immediately you stare at her and answer, everyone else also urgent not only you hor or pretend you never heard or let her go first then curse her inside your heart?

This is a real story of my mum. The girl from the first lane answered everyone also queuing why wanna let you go first? (or something similar) but another kind lady at the next lane called my mum over and let her go first. Thanks to the kind lady and ladies queuing behind. Some people just have to pee very frequently even if they actually don't drink that much of water and the worst part is hard to hold the bladder. 

Imagine you just went for spicy food and stomach starts to feel upset, you need to rush for a toilet in the shopping mall. It's a norm to see long queue for shopping mall's toilet at every level, no idea why. Probably the most ong place. Can't reach a vacant cubicle at once, so sorry no eye to see. 

A sudden thought actually made me wrote a long post, looks like Jessica is right! haha
Share with me your funny story or experience about the loo if you have any. =D *a very gross post I know*
Stop here, bye!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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