Saturday, June 29, 2013

IG story #1


Feel like writing something but have nothing to blog so decided to grab some recent uploaded pictures from my Instagram account then tell a longer story. 

Her parents left her at our house then went dating. Okay I am not whining but just telling story. I had a great time playing with her. So that day she wasn't interested with her iPad mini despite her mum purposely left it there for her to play. She was so excited in playing with the rubble numbering mat. 

Deng!! I decided to write down the numbers on a paper then requested her to bring it to me. No idea if this little game actually help her to recognise the numbers. Squeezed some orange juice for her and she was so happy, drank every drop. 

There's one day she requested me to bath her and stopped everyone else to step into the bathroom. So last Sunday was my second time of bathing her then sprinkled water on her face the said, ''下雨 (raining)''. Immediately she tried to follow what I'd said but said the wrong thing, like xia yee or xia vee something like that. After that, kept asking me to sprinkle water on her face then laughed non stop. hahahaha

The way home, a Korean movie. 

Rewatching it and still so touching. 
It's about a urban little boy,Sang Woo who was asked by the mum to stay with his mute maternal grandmother at countryside. At first he really treated the grandma badly and finds her annoying. As time goes by, he spent more time with his grandma then he grows to love his grandma. When the mother comes and brings him back to city, he is sad to leave the grandma. 

Recalling the scenes also make me sad. 

So the little boy who acted Sang Woo has grown up into a handsome dude. Don't you think his face is like totally the same. no changes at all? haha

We went for jungle trekking at this famous concrete jungle - Singapore. Okay, this backdrop is at a little corner of Changi airport terminal 3. Before that, BFF had a great time at the playground and games arcade. Her version of playing at games arcade is only sitting down and touch those controller like a pro but she actually won't ask you to put in tokens to make them move or whatever. Nice right? 

She is really a lovely girl. If you give her something to eat, she will ask you to eat too. She wants everyone to enjoy together and not only eating it alone. Yiyi so love you, girl. 

Alright, done with my grandmother's story. Bye!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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