Monday, June 17, 2013

Mayday Nowhere Tour in Singapore

Last Friday I experienced my first rock band concert - Mayday Nowhere world tour in Singapore!! Speaking of this, I nearly miss it as my sis couldn't go at first until they announced one additional concert before the actual date!! Thanks for sponsoring me to the concert...

We entered into the stadium and wow at the stage. So nice!!! The concert started a little later after 8pm and the first to perform is Mayday's junior - 白安. I was hoping that she will perform and she really did. 

Cannot bring camera into the stadium so I might as well just left it at home. She sang her debut song and it's also the one I would like to hear it live. yeah~~ 

The stage's effect is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice!! Mayday's performance is sooooooooooooooooooo awesome!! Every minute every second I chanted, wow luckily I came I came I CAME!! 

I have heard of the magical light stick that is gonna change colour automatically as the songs go. We would go wooooo woooww wooowo wwoooow when we got high and the light stick changes colour to suit the atmosphere. 

It's really very touching to see a sea of same colour waving and shaking at the same rhythm.

The next day my friend went and took this photo and the photo below. I said, eh take photos and send it to me please. lol My seat was far from the stage and my phone camera...cannot be trusted. erhem haha

That's my sis and I and...the magical light stick!! I am gonna keep it forever as a souvenir and take it out to reminiscing the moment again and again. I sound so sickly. haha
Next year...Mayday please have concert in Singapore again so I can go!! save money NOW!!

The day before the concert I went to my sis' workplace to look for her before going for shopping. Her colleague saw us and said we actually look alike. Evening, we went to buy apple strudel and the seller looked at us and asked, so you guys are sisters? you guys look alike!! After that, she started to complain that she has no sister and all brothers. LOL  

Last Saturday was the first day opening of Jurong East Mall (JEM) so I thought I might get something at a cheaper price on its opening add on it's GSS now!! Done everything then I went there with a big heavy backpack =.= I purely grabbed some basic tees since they were at a really good deal. Everywhere is so crowded and with super long queue. Me with a big backpack har, really so difficult to squeeze and squeeze then fight with all the ladies. 

So go go go shopping now, don't have to go to town for H&M already. 

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