Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why why whine #2

Have you ever came across some questions which is normal or fun to ask someone but it's pretty disturbing when people ask you so? 

I thought of some questions and thought about it seriously...ehmmm let me list them out and see if they actually happen on you too. 

Question 1
A: Hey had your breakfast/lunch/dinner?

This is a really sickening (sometimes not) question. Please let me explain myself. 
If I ever answer ya I had it at 5pm (for dinner) then the person who asks will say, wow so early later won't hungry meh? 
If it's already 8pm and I answer no then will ask why? diet har? They will start their own guessing story. 

Another type is they ask this question in the morning/afternoon/night just simply because they are bored and they have no idea how to start the conversation. So each time when they wanna start a conversation, surely with this question without fail. Ya I know it's not wrong and everyone has to eat but...
As time goes by and you ask it daily according to 3 meals, I will automatically filter this question and choose not to answer. That's pretty rude I know. 

Of course I know who sincerely ask this so we could go out have meal together or whatsoever. 

Question 2
A: Are you there? What are you doing?

This opening is either your friend really wanna find you for something or your bored friend just randomly pick you to ask that. It's easy to detect if the one asking that is bored or not. After you have answered the question, your friend just replied, oohhh then no more following or they will surely tell you they are bored. 

They would ask you to suggest what to do and after you really did so, they reject all your suggestion. Awesome!! So what's your point of asking me? Yeah I know it's not possible that what I suggest would sound interesting for the others but it's a kind of disappointment also. 

For now right, if I ever have something to tell my friends I would just cut straight to the point and leave them a message. If we have nothing to tell each other or whatever, we will not contact for a week plus or even longer. That's normal for me. It's very awkward to try very hard to start a conversation and the recipient might not be interested in what you have said. I understand that if you don't ask then you wouldn't know if the conversation could carries on but...

But I guess a conversation that starts with a HEY and ended with a HEY happens quite frequently. They hey you and you hey back but they never reply after that. #awkwardmoment

Question 3
A: So why didn't you get a boyfriend yet? Don't put high standards lah. 

Last time I used to answer, nobody wants or too ugly (which are very true) but now I would answer aiya don't know lah. You think buying vegie from the market, you pick whatever you want then you can bring it home?

This is another question where they got bored then they just randomly pop this question out in the conversation. They would say tell me what kind of guys do you like, I would keep an eye for you. Oh please, like seriously. I would answer nicely when my mood is ok but when I got annoyed, hahahaha I would give all kinds of stupid answers.

So I wonder if next time whoever still ask this, for guys I might just answer ''Definitely not you/your style'' and for should I answer back huh? =.=

Question 4
A: Walao you don't know meh?

For example, there's a new cinema in town for maybe 2 months and you just found out then you go tell your friends there's a new cinema. Naturally those who had knew about it ask you, you don't know meh?

If you realise when you ask this question, you actually feeling proud or shock why your friend doesn't know about the topic you guys were talking about. LOL However, if you were the one who don't know about it, deep in heart you must be thinking, should I know? or *angry* walao nobody tells me lor!! =.= I mean sometimes and not all the time.

I bet most of the time we are the one asking, you don't know meh? hahahaha

I thought I have more examples of question to show but currently I couldn't figure out yet. Wait I observe more in the future. Like what I mentioned at the top, it's sometimes very fun to ask others (since you have no idea how to start or continue a conversation but to start with the so-called basic Q) but the one being asked might somehow a little reluctant to reply the question. 

Okay done whining and shall whine again next time. Bye!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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