Monday, July 15, 2013

Blogposts photos are gone!

I have no idea what is wrong with Google recently. It automatically back up like tonnes of old photos from my blog to my phone when the app - Google+ updated. Hey don't lah so busybody. I really got so fed up after trying to delete like almost few thousands of photo in my photos yet cannot be deleted. 

Click deleted and after deleted (I thought) a few then forever it would be still showing me 'deleting now' but they are still there. At this point I got really fed up and twitted it. My friend is having the same problem as mine. Finally I decided to check out my Google+ photo album and it scared me off. The real nightmare starts at THIS point. 

All my selca photos taken using my photos anyhow appears there but I didn't upload any. The very pandai Google backup from my phone to my Google account. WALAO!!! So I got so fed up then started to delete photos which I thought would be fine. Deleted a few and emptied the bin. For God knows why I suddenly wanna visit my blog, no more photos. 

I actually stop delete after I suddenly read the warning when I click delete. DIEEEEE~~ I restored whichever are still left in the bin and those 'got emptied' are gone forever. T________T
This means that blogposts start from 2013 (hopefully only this) that have photos attached in it have no photos but a STOP sign shown for each attachment. 

It is definitely a lesson learnt. Read whatever words pop-up after click anything, just to play safe. My Taiwan trip's photos all gone. No idea if I am gonna re-upload those photos to make them complete or just let it be. It's not meant for anyone but myself to read it again and recall back those sweet memories.  
Like I've said, my blog is so much like my diary which is open for public to read.  To be honest, I feel sad for the lost and feel angry for my infinite stupidity. I might be my biggest enemy.

For the Good Samaritans who are reading this and happen to be a Blogger user too, do you know any photo uploader besides the one provided by Blogger for blogposts, flickr and photobucket? I need HELP!! 

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