Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Taiwan Summer Trip Day 1

Tried Taiwan's winter and this time my mission is to experience its summer as if I never had enough of the heat in Malaysia. By far, this is the longest trip (9 days) I ever been to. It's also the most tiring and yet another memorable trip ever, shall tell my story in between the words later. Mention of summer, shopping comes into my mind.

The passionate Malaysia's weather is always hot therefore I thought should grab some nice summer suits back to my wardrobe. 

Touched down at Taoyuan international airport and waiting for bus to train station. I barely sleep for the past 10 hours plus so my eyes were slightly more droopy than usual.

First group picture for the trip. Come on, say cheese to the camera!!! Everyone was tired meanwhile very excited to start our fun and adventurous trip in Taiwan.

This was one of our missions, to collect the stamps to exchange the Doraemon's figures (alarm clock or timer) for our nephew and niece. We are the examples of good aunties (limited to be called by our nephew and niece ONLY).

So this is my flight outfit. I only brought along a very very thin cardigan with me to fight with the coldness at the airport, in the plane and other places in Taiwan (I know it's summer but read it on). 

Tickets for eight of us. Hurray!!

High speed rail took only 40 minutes from Taipei to Taichung so I didn't sleep but grab the chance to have a good look at the scenery then took some pictures. Yes, this time I brought Chocolate along with me again. Feel sorry for not bringing him during my last trip. 

The sunset view that I captured using my own camera then I left it hibernated in my bag for the next few days. haha I was just too lazy to use it and friend's camera is lighter. I took really very few decent photos or presentable photos and very little amount of photos. I was just too lazy to take the camera out of the bag and now I am kind of regretted.

Traveled for more than 12 hours and finally we check in to the hotel room then rest a while before we went out for food hunting.

This room's theme is like so sweet. Just look at all the heart prints on the bed sheet, the colour and the little bears on both mattress. Me and my girlfriends shared this room.

So nice that they do provide a water dispenser at the common room. It's really convenient for the tourists like us. We tend to drink lesser water when we travel =( 

Check into our hotel at Feng Jia. It's 逢甲花園. It does not have elevator but a very long staircase to 1st floor. I carried my big luggage up to our room that night but the next day I really couldn't bring it down the staircase myself. Thanks to kawan-kawan yang kuat dan baik hati. 

For those who are going to Feng Jia, I recommend you to stay at this hotel. The boss is so friendly.

As I grow older, I actually growing my fats but not strength. weird~ 

This guy has a very cute movement and rhythm when he cuts and removes the chicken bones. It was quite entertaining to watch him doing his works. haha

Stayreal retail store at Feng Jia!!! Big fans of Mayday will definitely know this Taiwan local brand. Thought of buying something as souvenir but in the end, I did not.

Feng Jia night market is really big. It was just first day and I know I brought limited cash (very stupid can) so I was restricting myself from buying many many baju and shoes. Wanted to buy a handbag but I told myself NOOOOO.

It was Kok's birthday too. So bought 2 little cakes to make a small birthday celebration in our room. Happy Birthday once again. hehe

That's us again. Everyone rushed back to their own room to wash so could rest earlier. Time is limited when it comes to sleeping, no idea why. Till then I update about this trip again. Bye!!!

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