Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Rooftop

It's show time!!! Waited for this movie for a long time and watched few variety shows which Jay and the gang attended for movie promotion. Finally I got to watch it in the cinema on the next day after it released. This is the first time ever watching a Jay Chou's film in the cinema, shame on me to call myself a fan of his. lol

It is a story based on 70's 80's background and present in a musical style. You speak a few words then you continue your words in melody. Everyone who is next to you will sing and dance along. That's the way. 

Everything in the movie is very funny and happy. I especially love the dancing and singing part at the rooftop where Xin Ai (female lead) went to visit Lang Zi Gao's grown up environment. Who actually really build so many level up high at a building's rooftop? haha 

I enjoyed the 121 minutes in the cinema watching this movie. Many parts are interesting and funny so keep laughing. Just that the last part car racing scene kept me and sis wonder, what car engines are that? lol

If you have not watch this movie, please go and watch it in the cinema. Enjoy!! 



Got fed up with the photos lost so I have decided to revamp my blog. New background, new header, new colour theme...and I feel happy. hahaha The header is anyhow created when I saw the travel themed stickers in the photo editor that I use. It is kinda inspired by the header in Audrey's blog . Those are the landmarks where I wish to go to and take photos with. Travelling around the world and experiencing different culture are my wishes.

I am so lazy to recover (but I did recover a few posts) the photos lost in the blogposts meanwhile feel wasted that all my Taiwan trip 2012's posts left only words without any photo. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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