Tuesday, August 20, 2013

100 years before the birth of Doraemon

Ang...ang...ang...~~ That's all I know how to sing the theme song of Doraemon. It's an international well known classical music. You have to know. 

Friend found this event online and so happened that we are going to be in Taichung at that period of time therefore we decided to know more about our childhood fantasy hero. Don't lie to me that you never wish to own a robot cat like Doraemon who is gonna help you in everything. 

Before I write about the event, let me record down what we did in the morning, the second day of our Taiwan trip.
I know I had posted this picture before in my birthday post. I was the first to get ready so basically I was too free in the room. One friend was still in the bathroom and another friend went to check on the other 2 rooms, left me alone in the room. So, I buey pai seh took my friend's camera and started selca-ing with this big bear on the balcony. Say cheese!!

It's time to check out. Bye bye!!

Our driver cum tour guide brought us to this shop for breakfast. Errrr quite heavy to have fried stuffs and beef noodle soup as breakfast but we Malaysians eat nasi lemak, fried dough fritter, mee siam, char kuey tiaw as breakfast...same same saje lah. 

It's a screen for the eyes. It changes in seconds so gotta wait for the eyes that you wanna take picture with.

I was like a robot, instructed by my friend to pose with 2 yeah and the photo came out like this. Very retarded but it's okay.  
I basically just wanna take picture with the Doraemon holding the 100 marks bread. If you watch the series then you would know how powerful it is. I wish to eat it.

It's not easy to take an individual picture like this as if there's no other visitors. haha Spot the tiny red Doraemon in mini size. So cute!!!

I was like so overwhelmed by the Doraemon figures, each with different expression and postures. I love everyone of them. 

Every corner has few stamps to let you stamp it in your book as collection. Not only in this event, but everywhere in Taiwan (e.g. MRT station or any other tourist spots). Prepare a small note book to collect the stamp if you are going to Taiwan and you like all these things.

I came out from the drawer of Nobita's study desk. Hello hello...I am Doremi...hahaha

She looks like as if she is gonna fly in the sky anytime sooner with the backpack ready and everything ready. haha

Lastly, we took picture at the photo sticker booth with ''100 years before the birth of Doraemon'' theme. It isn't cheap for a piece of picture like this. It's NT$100 per piece.

Okay done with so many Doraemons. If this exhibition comes to Malaysia, I afraid you might need to fight with those selfish people who don't give you chance to take pictures with the characters.

That's all for this post. So lazy~~~

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