Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Control your temper

Looking at the newspaper headlines for the passed few days made me shiver. What's wrong with the security at my homeland?
Everyone has a temper but how well could you control your temper is the discussion here. 

It is normal that a person gets angry when things do not go the way he or she wanted to. But, how many of you get pissed off and do things that could make you regretted perhaps for your whole life? 

For example, you were so angry that you didn't get to go to mall to meet your favourite celebrity so you bang on the door of your room then the door anyhow spoiled. Another example, you fight with your siblings or partner then you got so angry therefore you throw whatever thing that you could reach. However, you never knew your 'opponent' will avoid your attack then the item you have thrown earlier hit right on the vase and it drops on the floor. Now, you are so afraid that mama comes home and finds out this.

An angry person could speak really nasty words to piss another person and then everything goes in a cycle. 
Don't lah like this. If you are angry, you might want to distant yourself from 'the source' and cool down. Think back what have you done all these years especially when you were angry, you could laugh at your own actions and wonder why did you do so. 

Learn from your mistakes or lessons and make things right next time. People have got to pay a price for what they did.  

Everybody has ups and downs, so look for a solution to solve the problem to reach a win-win situation for both parties. NEVER EVER resort to violence. N-E-V-E-R!! 

Why should others suffer from your temperamental decision/action? Why are you so selfish?

We need EQ. Brain and mouth are not decorative items for your body but to make you think and speak something wisely. I know some words are awful and they hurt but less hurtful than physical injuries. 
Think carefully before you action. Family and friends should always educate each other the right things and ethics. 

Be positive and don't spread negative thinking. Don't think that this world owes you anything but think of how could you make your own life better. 

I don't know why am I typing this but I really hope everyone could live together in peace and never fight. The most we have is around 90 years (lucky ones) for each so why don't just live in joyful and wonderful days? Be contented with what you have and work (legally) to pursue what you wish to have.   


Wisdom is only found in truth

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