Sunday, August 25, 2013

Food post

Time to record down some lately incidents. Not many photos to show but there are still 3 of them here. 

The other day I was so in the mood to prepare sandwich for high tea so I made it nicer (both taste and look) than usual to make myself happy. Normally I just spread tuna as the content but this time I put lettuce, slice of cheese and cherry tomatoes, I even toasted the bread!! 

Those 2 pieces at the side are banana raisin pancakes made my mum. I put the pancakes and some fruits as complementary. After that, I thought I wanna present it nicely for myself so I did and took photo of it. haha
At that moment, I thought I wanna open a cafe to sell sandwiches and tea/coffee. #daydreaming

I bought this edible toy few months ago but I was so lazy to play. On the other hand, I feel so pathetic to play this alone. Just nice last weekend, we opened it up and bff was my partner. What do you think of our donuts? Do they look good?

Don't even have to bake. All we needed were a small amount of water and a pair of scissors. Sounds cool and fun but not really. haha

I just had this ramen few days ago. Just happened the night before I was browsing through Instagrammers' photos and I beh tahan craving for ramen. The next day I told mama, let's go for ramen. The egg was a disappointment lah. Was it nice or bad, I can't really tell. I was having blocked nose, coughing and little fever but still I went for it. hahaha

That's the end. Bye!!

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