Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello Melaka after a year

The last visit to Melaka was my birthday last year then I never go back again after that. Finally a year after which is end of July (last month), I told my friend to stop pulling long neck to wait for me as I am going back to Melaka to meet her. 

We had a really tight schedule for those 3 days 2 nights. I told them, I wanna reminiscing my college life so let's go do what a college student normally does. 

First stop was Baboon house at Jonker street. Have been waiting try their burger. Hey really not bad though.
We sat at the bench at Portuguese Settlement watching the sea meanwhile catching up with each other for more than an hour. Felt sorry to keep her friend waiting for us and I really don't have intention to treat the new friend as driver or whatever. Thanks for bringing me around on the first day. 
The main purpose was actually catching the nice sunset over there. Yeah, it doesn't look nice in picture neither in real life. haha

I requested to dine at Windsor Western dining at Ayer Keroh. Friend blogged about it before and I got tempted to try out their food. Alright, initially I was expecting the restaurant to be nicely decorated but I was wrong. We reached and I was like huh, this one ah? What if the food is just so so, please don't scold me okay, I told them. 

Again, I was wrong. The food is good and they serve it at reasonable price. The salmon is really really good.
Done with dinner, we spent another 1 hour plus at Klebang beach sitting in the dark talking and talking as if we couldn't talk in my friend's house later. 

Second day was the day I really acted like a student. We went for dimsum at jonker street then went back again to our former college. I basically got a surprise for my hometown friend and got a scolding for calling early morning because he didn't turn on silent mode for his lecture class. haha Serve you right! blea

Had our morning tea at one of my always-go-to cafes when I was still living over there. I dined there really often because I don't have a transport and I like their pudding milk tea. That's what I had it on that visit too.

After that, this Mr. Jens joined us and my hometown friend went home as he still has lecture in the afternoon. Saw friend posted picture of this newly opened food court at Dataran Pahlawan and I suggested to have our lunch over there. 

It was fasting month therefore it's pretty empty over there. We had fun owning the photography corner to ourselves and start posing for pictures. 

Regardless how other patrons or the working crews watch us, we still continue to enjoy our own photography session using our mobile phone cameras. haha 

Had this for afternoon tea but the truth is, we just wanna find a place to sit down and chat. Okay lah, chatted a lot and shared our views with each other. 

I bising-bising wanna go makan at Pak Putra. I have been saying and saying that I want their cheese naan and tandoori chicken a year ago. That night I went to Portuguese Settlement for the famous mango juice. It was a Monday for the first day of my trip therefore it was closed. 

This was my first time trying the mango juice. Okay, it's pretty sour. 

We went to sing K!!!!! The place where we used to go to because it is the cheapest at that area. 

That's ended my short trip to Melaka. I had so much fun reminiscing my 4.5 years life of residing at Melaka. I will be back again to visit my relatives, friends and that lovely cultural town which I love.

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