Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Garden Just Want Coffee

We had been waiting to meet our friend's fiancee for quite some time. I mean we feel excited because last time we saw her was the girlfriend but now with new status. haha 

So it's the same team of lim kopi gang but this time the fiancee joined!! Welcome with our open arms and welcome to be our Malaysia's daughter-in-law. *pops confetti*

Once bitten twice shy. This time we made a reservation a day before to avoid plan-crash issue happens again.

Ta-daaaa!!! The couple who just got engaged. Mr. and Mrs. Kuek. 
Mrs. Kuek is very very friendly. Keep smiling and attempt to talk to us. Even though my English speaking isn't good still I tried my very best to talk to her and kacau the couple. There's a moment she kept watching me until I pai seh. LOL 
She said I look different from last time. ummm I don't know the answer because when she told me so immediately I crack a joke. Okay, I look older. =.=

So the girls. I shall visit the hair saloon real soon. 8 months of no hair-cut is a little bit too scary, I know.

It's always a disadvantage for me to take picture with this friend of mine. My size just got double or triple bigger in the picture. haha Perhaps I should get myself a body trainer to stop me from sitting so much and do exercise day and night.

We cannot stop posing for photos. Come on, I help you guys to take a picture.

We were seated next to the glass door therefore the lighting is really good for photography. I took the picture using my lao-kok-kok phone and it still looks not bad.

I suggested her to take a picture with the Caramel butter waffle and she was so steady. Yeah~~~~ Nice picture!! haha

This one not so nice. errr

Yeahhh...this one is so much better and sweeter!! XD

It was drizzling and just now I was holding the umbrella. We requested a picture like this and so it happened. Later on then we realized, it would be better if the umbrella isn't printed with the brand and the words.
This picture turns out to be like an advertisement for the white coffee. #thinktoomuch

Maybe should ask my friend to bring camera out more often so I could post nicer photos on my blog too.

This cafe is the 3rd branch in JB but using a different concept from the other two. It is a bungalow with a garden. Look at the theme, blue and white, makes you pretend you are actually enjoying your vacation at somewhere else. It would be so much nicer if it is located at the seaside with nice scenery. #justsaying

My first visit was on some other day at night. It was very comfortable, less noise. I like this concept though. However, this cafe is offering very limited choices of beverages and cakes compared to the other two (Permas Jaya and Taman Molek). And of course, this branch has much lesser seats available too. 

Waiting for our next outing.
Thanks to the Raya holidays, I get to gather with my friends to speak my lungs out. haha I went out 3 days consecutively and finally today (Sunday) I get to rest at home to enjoy my quality family bonding time.

Watch this video from Fatbook.

Be happy. 
Be safe and healthy.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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