Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why Why Whine #3 : Can you help?

Earlier on I was having a conversation with a friend discussing the people in our society. We were saying that people tend to ignore the strangers (who really in need of help) but keep staring.

Let me give you a scenario
I boarded a bus express which normally each passenger is given a seat number and sit accordingly. Besides, passenger will keep one part of the ticket and the bus company keeps another part, both with same info just in case they want to do some random checking. 

However, this bus express isn't doing this. They collected back the whole bus ticket before I board the bus and I have no idea where should I sit. There were 2 middle-aged ladies in front of me who were also looking for their seats so I asked, do we need to sit according to the seat number? No respond, not even turning back and look at me. One middle-aged man heard what I said but was also totally no intention to help or reply me but KEEP WATCHING me. 

Okay fine. It's in my own country and I could speak the language so I went to ask the driver myself. Finally I took the empty single seat and settled down. In the middle of the journey, the bus stopped over at the rest station. The 2 aunties changed their seats to the 2 seats next to mine which are in front of where the aunties were sitting. The bus driver continued the journey after the break but a foreigner passenger went to stop the driver saying there are people still not boarding yet. 

The bus driver pulled over at the roadside and came beside me. Guess what?! The 2 ladies left their belongings at their original seat which made the kind passenger mistaken they had not boarded. They don't even bother answering the bus driver's question yet still so steady sitting there.

Hey people, if you can help and it's within your ability to help, just help lah. Don't just watch as if waiting for a good show. I will feel so much better even if you just answer me with 'I don't know' rather than giving me a deep stare. 

What has made the people become so unfriendly? I am not sure how many people would give a smile to a stranger but most of the time I would smile at the person walking pass me. If that person ever smiles back, that could make me happy for a while. 

My niece is seriously a really friendly girl who really really love to wave her hand to say hi at everyone. There's a time we shared a lift with a lady and reached our floor, so I told her to say bye bye to the lady. She waved with a happy face and the lady waved back. The other time we were also sharing a lift with a stranger lady going down to ground floor. I was carrying my niece in my arms, the lift doors opened and immediately she turned to wave to that lady and yeah, the lady waved back and said bye bye to her. 

Custom officer was so serious in doing his job also cannot tahan my over-friendly niece who was keep waving and smiling, and waiting for his reply. If they reply her wave, she can be really really happy. There's one day we stopped by a guard house and wanted to enter the neighbourhood, my niece waved so hard at that 3 people who were at the pit yet no one replied her. I could see doubt and disappointment in her eyes. 

Why so serious? A 2 years old girl waving so hard at you and you don't even bother to wave back or smile back at her? I guess disappointment is one of the factors that turns people to become so emotionless and unfriendly. Don't tell me you are too shy to wave at a little girl, I don't buy that!!!

Smile more!!   

Wisdom is only found in truth

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