Monday, September 02, 2013

Bii at KSL City

I did blog about Bii 2 years before when I got hooked by his voice and his songs. Click here.

Friend tweeted that Bii is coming to Malaysia and having showcase but I was a little sad that it is far and I am not free on that day. However, I turned on the radio heard that Bii is actually coming to JB then I got a little excited. Luckily there's a friend who is willing to go with me. 

All photos credit to my friend. This last photo really...hahaha Don't you think so? 
Bii is getting handsome and manly, at least I think so. His current hair style is nicer =D 

Finally get to listen to him live especially the first song of his that I really really love. I still remember how much I love it I played it non-stop the whole day and keep introduce it to my friends, obviously I even blog about it. 

He can really sing live and not lip syncing any of the song he performed on that night. Yeahhh, he only sang 3 songs which is not enough but I will wait for him to come again. haha
I wanted to buy his album in Taiwan but I didn't. This time get to let him sign my name on the album still I didn't buy. One of the reasons is because I do not have enough money to buy the album on that night. haha  

He is really so slim and skinny in person. I can't help it but notice him wearing high heels =.= Looks stylo the most important on stage, go go go!! 

Now listen to his songs from his 2nd album, Come back to Bii.

Come back to me

I like this song!!

I know
Another very very nice song

This is the first song that I get to know about Bii

If you wish to know more about Bii, perhaps you can watch the video below.

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