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How to plan a day trip to Melaka?

Errr...I thought I just blogged about 'Hello Melaka after a year' and never expect to revisit Melaka for a makan trip so soon. It's because the previous visit realised only after a year's time. Initially there should be 5 of us in the trip but a friend of mine had something more important to attend to so left only 4 of us continued with the plan.

Our main purpose of this day trip is to EAT!! That's our priority regardless of 300 kilometers ahead. We started our journey at 830am after having breakfast at McDonald's. It was a gloomy and rainy Sunday but it did not fail our plan. We arrived at Jonker around 11am.

1st stop : Temple

I requested to have this as our first stop before we moving on with our food-for-life's plan. This is the oldest temple in Malaysia (if not mistaken) and I just anyhow love to do my prayings here whenever I am in Melaka. It's definitely according to own religion matters or preferences if you would like to pay a visit there. This is definitely one of the tourist spots in Melaka as saw too many tour guides brought a group of tourists to this temple.

We were amazed by an Indian tour guide who can speaks fluent Japanese to a group of Japanese tourists. That's professionalism.


2nd stop : Jonker88
It is very common to see long queue outside of this shop selling a variety of laksa and dessert and some other choices. Luckily there are 4 of us to split the tasks. Find a seat or queue to buy food.

My favourite is always the Baba laksa which is more to curry broth and Ying, the girlfriend prefers Nyonya laksa which is more to sour taste and no santan. Of course, if you would like to have two broth in 1, try Kahwin laksa which is a mixture of 2 broths in 1 bowl.

Jonker88 is famous for its food, cendol and also its interior decoration. Old notes, antiques and some interesting photos framed on the wall.


3rd stop : Walk around shops at Jonker street
Laksa (/) Cendol (/) so walk along at Jonker see if we can grab anything nice. I bought 2 cute luggage tags. Can't wait to use it but too bad, ain't going anywhere recently.

Get to find many local delicacies and desserts along the street. Foreigners definitely gotta try!!

The queues for every chicken rice ball restaurant are CRAZILY LONG!! I bet 90% of those in the queues are not Malaccan and never tried it (the shop they queued for) before. If you want to visit Melaka during public holiday or eve, please think twice or otherwise be early.

That day was a Sunday and it's the eve of Malaysia's day.


4th stop : Find this statue beside Jonker eventually you will get to locate the shop which sells one-mouth durian puff!! If you love durian, you surely gonna love the puffs. Its opposite shop is Geographer cafe.


5th stop : Red houses
At least take a picture of the red houses. It's the same like taking a picture of Great Wall of China if you ever visit Beijing. haha


6th stop : Hard Rock Cafe Melaka
Visiting the Hard Rock Cafe is one of my missions of the day trip. We decided to rest our legs and have some drinks there. Some of the food and beverages are quite pricey but believe, big price big portion too. It tasted good too!! Shall share more about it in a separate post next.

7th stop: Walk over to A Famosa

I even brought them to the free entrance museum next to it. Just nice to visit the museum to revise on Malaysia's history since Malaysia day was on the next day. Everywhere was so crowded with people and rickshaw. The fancy decorated rickshaws always come at full speed and scared the hell out of me.

Too hot? Just walk into the shopping mall to enjoy the air-conditioner.

8th stop : Dataran Pahlawan Megamall
Brought Ying to the shop selling clothes at good bargain. After that, went to the newly opened food court with this painting on the wall. Too bad, a part of the wall is gone therefore a few paintings are gone as well.

The most torturing part was walking back to Jonker to get our car. It was afternoon and Jonker street got even more crowded.

9th stop : Klebang Coconut milkshake stall
The queue for coconut milkshake take-away stall was even crazier. There was traffic jam on the way to Klebang and I almost thought we couldn't reach in time for it. But lucky us, we managed to get a parking lot and a table. I am not quite a fan of this coconut milkshake. Wanted to try out their curry puffs but we didn't manage to grab any. It's selling like hot cakes, gone in a split of eye.

10th stop : Yeast pastry house
I personally recommend the pineapple tarts from this bakery. However, I came out with empty hands as they temporarily not producing any pineapple tarts, resume selling only after Mid-autumn festival. That's too sad.
This bakery is located at Kota Laksama, next to Casa de Cafe.

11th stop : Ban Lee Siang satay celup
They requested for satay celup so I led the way. Lucky us to find a parking lot in a short time. We queued for half an hour before seated. I personally think the broth is a unhygienic as everyone is dipping the food into the broth. Customer A left and Customer B comes will continue dipping in the same pot of broth.

I am not sure if they reuse the sticks but most probably yes, cost savings.

12th stop : Nadeje 
Bought some mille crepes back. Don't worry if you wanna pack it home and don't have a cooling bag, they do put in ice bags to keep the cakes in cool temperature.

That's our last stop for the day. WOW I didn't know we managed to visit so many places until I blog about it. Left few places didn't get to go maybe save it for next visit. It would be better if you could spend 2 days 1 night in Melaka if you wanna walk around in slow pace and enjoy the cultures.

We had so many stops but I did not eat that much compared to last time. It is probably because I was under stress and no appetite to fully enjoy the yummy food in front of me. Another reason is I WANNA DIET!!

I am forever missing Melaka. My second home. lol

*photo credits to my friend*

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